NORWICH CITY RUMOURS: Norwich rumoured to be interested in Fleetwood Town defender Bell

PUBLISHED: 09:58 31 March 2017

Archant Norfolk Photographic © 2005

Norwich City face Premier League competition if they want to sign Fleetwood Town defender Amari’i Bell.

The Canaries are reportedly interested in the 22-year-old, as are Brighton.

But reports claim that Premier League sides West Ham and Swansea are also are interested in the player.

Bell has been one of Fleetwood Town’s better performers during their League One campaign as Uwe Rosler’s bids to win them promotion from League One.

His form has attracted the scouts who have apparently been impressed by his ability not only to defend but to help out in attack as well – he has scored three goals and made five assists for Fleetwood.

Bell could be available for a cheap price in the summer with his contract due to expire at the end of the 2017/18 season.

One fly in the ointment for City, at the moment, only is of course that they are without a sporting director and a head coach.

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