Norwich City’s top 100 appearances: Tommy Bryceland (26)

Former Norwich City forward Tommy Bryceland was a firm favourite with the supporters.

Former Norwich City forward Tommy Bryceland was a firm favourite with the supporters.

284 appearances/55 goals

If people saw Tommy Bryceland play in yellow and green, they remembered it.

The well-liked Scotsman average a goal every other game for St Mirren – plus a Scottish Cup winners medal – before joining Norwich in 1962, beginning a seven-year stint that ended in his City Hall of Fame induction.

The Greenock-born inside-right was not as prolific in Norfolk but still showed his knack of knowing where the goal was.

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However, it was his diminutive figure and craft that has left some supporters flagging the Scot as a past City player that matches up to the reputation of current fans’ favourite Wes Hoolahan.

Bryceland’s modesty and humility were recounted following his death at 76, in January 2016.

Yet his key role in the City team that famously dumped a star-studded Manchester United out of the 1967 FA Cup at Old Trafford, along with finishing Norwich’s second-highest goalscorer in three separate seasons, tell of a true City football hero.

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