Norwich City top 10 appearances: Bill Lewis (34)

PUBLISHED: 10:15 09 June 2017 | UPDATED: 14:41 14 June 2017

Diss Town have a new manager. Picture: Archant

Diss Town have a new manager. Picture: Archant


34 Bill Lewis

256 appearances/1 goal

William Albert Lewis’ City appearances came in a five-year span, beginning in 1949 when he moved to Norfolk from Blackpool.

Born in West Ham, Lewis spent seven years as an amateur player with the Hammers before moving to the Lancashire coast in 1945. Four years later he left the Tangerines behind and headed to Carrow Road.

Lewis – one of a family of nine – was renowned as a left-back with a fearless approach to the game of football.

He was also the owner of a rocket shot – although he scored only one goal during his time at City. His moment of glory came on September 11, 1954 when he scored at Northampton with a shot from fully 50 yards.

Lewis was definitely Mr Reliable – for four years in a row he played at least 40 league games.

After his playing career ended he became club coach and reserve team trainer.

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