Norwich City transfer rumours: Is Uwe Rosler, who is tipped to be Canaries’ head coach, set to leave Fleetwood Town?

PUBLISHED: 09:19 30 April 2017 | UPDATED: 09:41 30 April 2017

Fleetwood Town manager Uwe Rosler. Photo: Richard Sellers/PA Wire

Fleetwood Town manager Uwe Rosler. Photo: Richard Sellers/PA Wire

PA Wire

There is speculation on Sunday that Uwe Rosler will quit as manager of Fleetwood Town - even if they are promoted to the Championship.

The 48-year-old German has been tipped to be head coach at Norwich City under the Canaries’ new sporting director Stuart Webber.

Rosler, formerly manager of Wigan Athletic and a striker for Manchester City, will take Fleetwood up today if they beat Port Vale and Bolton Wanderers lose at home to Peterborough United.

But, according to Mail Online and other websites, Rosler is keen to move to a “bigger club” in the summer.

However, when asked a few weeks ago about Norwich City, Rosler described rumours of a move as “fake news”.

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