Norwich City transfer rumours: Rangers and Canaries would need to make ‘extraordinary bid’ for winger

Partick Thistle winger Aidan Fitzpatrick Picture: Jeff Holmes/PA

Partick Thistle winger Aidan Fitzpatrick Picture: Jeff Holmes/PA

PA Wire/PA Images

Partick Thistle boss Gary Caldwell has warned it will take an ‘extraordinary bid’ for Norwich or Rangers to prise star asset Aidan Fitzpatrick away this month.

The Daily Express reported earlier this month that the Canaries were competing with the Glasgow giants for the 17-year-old winger, claiming City had made an offer of £150,000 up front, as part of an overall deal worth £400,000.

Following that speculation Fitzpatrick scored and played all of a 4-1 home win over third-tier side Stranraer in the fourth round of the Scottish Cup on Saturday.

Former Wigan defender and manager Caldwell, who is trying to get Partick off the bottom of the Scottish Championship table, is willing to play hard ball with interested clubs though.

“There has been continued speculation about the future of Aidan Fitzpatrick as a Thistle player, including suggestions that he is on the point of leaving the club,” he said in a statement on Thistle’s website.

“It wasn’t right to talk about this pre-match last week when the focus had to be on our preparation. However, I wanted to provide an update to reassure fans as to where things stand.

“To date, we have received two separate bids from the same club, one in the summer and one earlier this month, neither of which came anywhere near to matching our valuation of the player. I want to keep Aidan at the club and Aidan wants to be here so I recommended that the board reject the recent offer and they agreed.

“There is little doubt in my mind that Aidan will, at some point in his career, move on and potentially play at the very highest level. However, I would like to make it clear it would take an extraordinary bid for the club to even contemplate it. We are happy with Aidan’s development and he is happy to be playing at this football club.

“I hope that this will reassure supporters and allow us to continue enjoying Aidan’s performances as he develops.”

Fitzpatrick is under contract at Partick until 2021 and has scored four goals and been credited with two assists from 15 games in all competitions so far this season.

• You can watch the teen’s goal against Stranraer above, scoring the first goal of the cup tie

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