Norwich City will need to be quick Championship learners, vows Harrison Reed

Harrison Reed still has high hopes for Norwich City's season - despite Sunday's Sunderland setback. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

Harrison Reed still has high hopes for Norwich City's season - despite Sunday's Sunderland setback. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

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Norwich City’s ability to learn from their mistakes is what will mark them out against their Championship rivals, according to Harrison Reed.

A chastening first Carrow Road league effort against Sunderland on Sunday, readily exposed the size of the second-tier task confronting head coach Daniel Farke and his players this season.

But for Reed, it’s the way City make headway with that task that will define where their campaign heads – and they only have to wait until Wednesday evening to prove it can be a positive one.

“We didn’t want the setback at all,” said Reed. “Obviously for it to happen in the season (rather than their unbeaten pre-season) isn’t great, but we need to learn from our mistakes and that’s what’s got to be the difference between us and the other teams – the way we deal with the setbacks and how we deal with losses here.

“We want to create this as a fortress, so it’s not the ideal start. But we will go again Wednesday – and that’s the great thing about the Championship. When you’re winning you can gain momentum, and when you’re losing you’ve got another game just around the corner. I’m sure we’ll debrief Sunday, go over a few things and we’ll be ready for QPR.”

City should be aware Sunderland have already laid out the blueprint for success against Farke’s style of play – at least when his side aren’t playing it well.

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“Teams are going to come and do that,” Reed added. “They will see the way we play. Sunderland did sit off, drop deep in a compact shape and I think the way we can get round that is to move the ball a lot quicker than we did. We moved it a bit slowly at times, and were too long on the ball. We will speak about it and I think if we move the ball around quick, we’ve got technical players that can play through the lines.

“That’s what we felt in the dressing room as well, we were playing football and had a lot of possession – but we weren’t having the possession in the right areas.

“We need to work on getting the ball into more dangerous areas between the lines, and then we can really show our game.”

As for their head coach, Reed admitted Farke’s character should help them develop from here.

“He’s a very good, calming influence on us,” he added. “He deals with things in the right way. The setbacks and stuff, we don’t want to get too down about it. So we need to pick ourselves up. There’s a game on Wednesday and we’ll be ready for that.”

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