Godfrey only focused on ending City’s losing streak as transfer speculation continues

PUBLISHED: 17:00 15 July 2020 | UPDATED: 17:10 15 July 2020

Norwich defender Ben Godfrey competes with Christian Pulisic during City's 1-0 loss at Chelsea Picture: Julian Finney/NMC Pool/PA Wire

Norwich defender Ben Godfrey competes with Christian Pulisic during City's 1-0 loss at Chelsea Picture: Julian Finney/NMC Pool/PA Wire

PA Wire

Ben Godfrey insists speculation about his future is not on his mind, as he tries to help Norwich City salvage even a small piece of pride from the closing stages of their disappointing Premier League campaign.

The 22-year-old has been linked with a host of top clubs during the last 18 months and links to Borussia Dortmund, Red Bull Leipzig and Newcastle United have all surfaced as City’s relegation was sealed.

Asked if he has thought about where he will be playing next season, following Tuesday’s 1-0 loss at Chelsea, he replied: “Absolutely not. I’m just somebody that lives in the here and now. My only thoughts right now are to get some food in me, have a shower and recover for the game on Saturday.

“That’s my job, so that’s as far as I think ahead - I’m looking to try and help the boys get three points at the weekend.

“That’s what we’re paid to do so that’s where my focus is right now.”

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Godfrey captained the England Under-21s earlier this season and has also been linked with interest from Tottenham, Arsenal and AC Milan this year, having made 28 appearances so far during the first top-flight season of his career.

“To play in the Premier League has always been a lifetime goal of mine and probably every single member of the squad as well,” the defender continued.

“A couple of them can say they’ve done it before but for many of us it was our first time.

“It’s been an unbelievable experience and it’s important that you don’t let these moments and these defeats get you down and kill you off. You’ve got to learn from them, take what you can from it and make sure that it makes you into a better and a stronger person.

“Which I think the boys will do because we’ve got some strong characters in there, there’s good people and they’ll bounce back, for sure. We’ll bounce back.”

City host mid-table Burnley in their final home game on Saturday, looking to end a club record losing streak of eight league matches.

“It’s never nice losing games and we’re all desperate to try and get that winning feeling around the camp again,” Godfrey added.

“Tonight was a tough task, another one, as is every game in the Premier League, but we can definitely take some confidence from it, take what we can from it and we look forward to Saturday.”

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