Norwich City - how to watch Canaries in the new season

PUBLISHED: 11:07 26 August 2020 | UPDATED: 11:07 26 August 2020

Norwich fans can watch all games in the new season Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Norwich fans can watch all games in the new season Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

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Norwich City fans will be able to watch City on iFollow in the new Championship season.

Matchday access to Carrow Road is restricted because of the coronavirus pandemic, but an agreement has been reached with the EFL whereby the only games that will not be available to watch in full on iFollow will be those selected for Sky Sports coverage.

As part of the new framework, all 2020-21 season ticket holders will also be granted free access to home (both weekend and midweek) and away (midweek only) live match broadcasts, including those selected for Sky Sports coverage, on the iFollow platform.

This offer for season ticket holders comes at no extra cost. The club will communicate further details on how to redeem season ticket holder access in due course, as well as information on the club’s new and improved NR1 Live matchday show, hosted by Darren Eadie.

Both the match-by-match access and season ticket holder offer are a temporary measure that has been agreed between the EFL and its clubs as a result of COVID-19. This measure will remain in place whilst matchday access to Carrow Road is at zero or a reduced capacity and will remain under a regular review.

Championship streaming

Championship clubs are able to stream any match not shown live on Sky Sports to fans who purchase individual match passes for £10.

Any supporter who is not a season ticket holder will have to purchase a £10 iFollow match pass to watch the Canaries.

Season ticket holders will receive a complimentary match pass for all matches except away matches that kick off at 3pm UK time on a Saturday. For those games, season ticket holders will be required to purchase a £10 match pass to view the broadcast.

Live broadcasts of City’s Sky Bet Championship fixtures will feature four-camera coverage, in-game replays and commentary from BBC Radio Norfolk’s matchday teams.

For all Norwich City season ticket holders, the club will provide streams complimentary of: All home matches, including those shown live on Sky Sports; any midweek away match, including those shown live on Sky Sports

Carabao Cup streaming

Round one Carabao Cup matches that are not selected for live broadcast by Sky Sports will also be eligible for clubs to stream. Please note, Carabao Cup ties will be broadcast from a single-camera solution.

Carabao Cup broadcasts will only be available on an iFollow match pass basis at £10 and season ticket holders will have to purchase this match along with all other Norwich fans.

Carabao Cup streams will only be available to those based in the UK.

Global Canaries

For City fans who support the club outside of the UK, iFollow subscription packages similar to those available during the 2019-20 season, will be available to purchase.

Season passes (£140) and monthly passes (£20) will be available. These will grant overseas fans the benefits of watching all iFollow video content as well all available fixtures.

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