The Norwich City Debate: Transfer business and rumours – your questions answered

PUBLISHED: 15:57 02 July 2018 | UPDATED: 15:57 02 July 2018

Ben Marshall became Norwich City's fourth signing of the summer over the weekend. Picture: Norwich City FC

Ben Marshall became Norwich City's fourth signing of the summer over the weekend. Picture: Norwich City FC


Norwich City correspondents Michael Bailey and David Freezer answered your questions in our latest online debate.

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In a special edition of our regular online question and answer session, our Canaries reporters discussed the Canaries’ recent transfer business and rumours ahead of the 2018-19 EFL Championship season, as well as the latest Norwich City talking points surrounding the club.

The debates are open for 45 minutes each week through the season from 1pm over at – where you can also review the discussion after the event by scrolling down the window below.

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The Canaries have now signed Emi Buendía, Moritz Leitner on a permanent deal, Teemu Pukki and Ben Marshall so far this summer – with Josh Murphy, James Maddison and Marley Watkins leading the departure list.

Meanwhile, the fixture computer handed Daniel Farke’s Canaries an opening day trip to Birmingham on Saturday, August 4 – before welcoming relegated Premier League outfit West Bromwich Albion to Carrow Road the following Saturday.

With City’s players now back in pre-season training, their friendly programme begins on Friday at King’s Lynn Town (7.30pm).

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