Peter points way to success

PUBLISHED: 11:20 19 October 2006 | UPDATED: 09:44 14 September 2010


They called him Peter The Pointer when he was a player - and whatever he did from the touchline at St Andrew's has certainly got Norwich City pointing in the right direction.

They called him Peter The Pointer when he was a player - and whatever he did from the touchline at St Andrew's has certainly got Norwich City pointing in the right direction.

After weeks of despair and disappointment when the only way seemed down, everything yellow and green has suddenly taken an upturn after the 1-0 win at Birmingham on Tuesday.

A first away win since April - a first win of any type in the Championship since August 26 - and, just to add to the feelgood factor, City are above Ipswich in the table.

It looked good and it felt good - but what did Peter Grant suddenly pull out of the hat for his players on Tuesday night?

The players were the same, the tactics were the same - but the new man in charge clearly kicks every ball.

His predecessor, Nigel Worthington, had swapped tracksuit for suit this season and, while he chopped a changed between sitting and standing positions, was rarely as animated or as loud as track-suited Grant was at St Andrew's where he spent almost every minute of the game in his technical area barking out instructions.

“I am animated because it's the closest you can get to playing,” he explained. “I want to stay in the game as long as I can and to do that I have got to be successful at Norwich and I am determined to do that.”

Several times Grant - doing a decent impersonation of Martin O'Neill perhaps - was urged by fourth official Andy Woolmer to calm down, but it was a futile exercise. During a break in the second half he called Darren Huckerby over to pass on his instructions and then used an injury break for an impromptu team talk near the touchline.

Grant clearly wears his heart on his sleeve during matches - a far cry from the quiet days of the previous regime.

In one fell swoop he has won over many of the fans who doubted had the pedigree to take Norwich forward.

The players have clearly taken well to the change in management: centre-half Jason Shackell admitted that much of what happened at Birmingham was down to the recent arrival of Grant.

“He's come in and he didn't make many changes, but he's made a really good first impression,” he said. “The boys like him and it's a good way to start off.”

Chairman Roger Munby said Grant's sudden impact was refreshing.

“Change is refreshing - good change is refreshing and successful,” he said. “We have three more points so let's not overplay the impact, but it was three away from home and it came on the back of us almost getting three at QPR on Saturday.

“I think as much as his visibility and dynamism in the technical area, there is what I would imagine is a fresh approach in terms of preparation.

“I can't remember if Nigel was as animated in his first season or two - but that's in the past, we are talking about this man and the future and we have the potential for a fantastic Carrow Road atmosphere against Cardiff on Saturday.”

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