Price of Football Survey 2017: Find out how Norwich City fared

PUBLISHED: 12:28 16 November 2017 | UPDATED: 15:35 16 November 2017

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Norwich City are among the most costly teams to follow in the Championship, the BBC’s annual Price of Football survey has again shown.

In terms of ticket prices, the Canaries are mostly high in the divisional rankings, with their cheapest season ticket of £499.50 still the most expensive in the division.

The most expensive season ticket available at Carrow Road (£856.60) now ranks as the second highest in the Championship and only two clubs charge more for their dearest single adult ticket.

There are some positives as well though, with matchday extras including pies, tea and programmes comparing well and just four clubs offering a cheaper single adult ticket than City.

We’ve sifted through the BBC’s annual survey to show how Norwich compare to their divisional rivals...

Cheapest season tickets

The Canaries froze general admission prices for a fourth consecutive year so the cheapest available adult season ticket at Carrow Road remained £499.50 – which continues to be the most expensive in the division.

Last season Brighton came close to that price at £475, although that included travel to and from games on public transport, and Newcastle’s cheapest season ticket was £428. With both of those clubs promoted back to the Premier League, Sheffield Wednesday are now the nearest at £455.

The cheapest season ticket in the division is £230 at Birmingham City. Last season Wigan Athletic led the way in that regard with a £179 season ticket but the Latics have since been relegated to League One.

Only six Premier League clubs’ cheapest season ticket is higher than Norwich as well, Arsenal’s leading the way at £891 ahead of Chelsea (£750), Liverpool (£685), Tottenham (£645), Southampton (£541) and Manchester United (£532).

Dearest season tickets

The prices for 2016-17 showed that the dearest season ticket prices were higher at six clubs than Norwich but in 2017-18 it is only Fulham with a higher price.

The dearest season ticket at the west London club is £929 and the survey quotes the Canaries as not far behind with a price of £856.50.

At the other end of the scale, Burton Albion’s most expensive season ticket is £420, although again that is up on last year’s lowest available, which was also at Wigan, of £229.

Cheapest single ticket

Just four clubs offer a cheaper single adult ticket than the £18 available for some games at Carrow Road, with Hull City charging the lowest at £12 and Middlesbrough’s lowest of £27 the highest.

From City’s point of view that is a slight reduction on the cheapest available at Carrow Road last season being £20, which was middling compared with the rest of the division – when Huddersfield had offered the lowest of £15 and both Ipswich and Leeds the highest of £30.

Dearest single ticket

Only two clubs are offering a more expensive single ticket than the £45 charged by the Canaries for top games, Sheffield Wednesday (£49) and Fulham (£50).

That is an increase for Norwich, with the dearest single ticket last season being £40, when four clubs had a higher price.

Again at the other end of the scale it is Burton whose highest matchday single ticket of £24 is the lowest available in the Championship.

Matchday extras (programmes, pies and tea)

The majority of clubs in the Championship charge £3 for their programme but City are one of five clubs to charge £3.50, alongside Aston Villa, Brentford, Leeds and Fulham – with prices almost exactly the same as last season across the board.

Pies available at Carrow Road are among the cheapest available in the division though, quoted alongside six clubs at £3 a pie, with only Burton charging less at £2.80. You can pay an eye-watering £4.50 for your pie at Fulham, with Cardiff and Reading not far behind at £3.90.

The price of a cup of tea remains £2 at City, with just four teams offering a cheaper cuppa, Burton’s £1.50 remaining the cheapest despite putting their price up 20p.

Queens Park Rangers have claimed the unenviable prize of the most expensive cuppa, charging £3.20 for a tea bag in some boiling water – an increase of £1.10 on their price last season.

Away tickets

Just four clubs offer a cheaper adult away ticket than the £20 available for some games at Carrow Road, with Hull leading the way with a cheapest away ticket of £12. That price of £20 is the same as it was last season at City.

However, only Sheffield Wednesday (£42) offer a more expensive adult away ticket than the Canaries do for some games, of £40 – which is the same in regards to both clubs from last season.

Replica shirts

The price of an adult replica home shirt has remained £48 at Norwich.

Last season just Aston Villa (£50) and Sheffield Wednesday (£55) sold their shirts for more money but this season five clubs are charging more than City – Wednesday (£49), Sunderland (£49.99), Fulham, Leeds (£50) and Villa (£55).

The cheapest available, as it was last year, is Burton’s shirt at £39.99.

The price of City’s junior shirt has risen from the second-cheapest in the division last season at £28, to £35. Only five clubs offer a cheaper junior shirt though, with Wednesday’s the cheapest at £25.

The most expensive junior shirts are £45 at Boro and Villa, which was the price Wednesday had charged last year to rank as the most expensive, leading to the drastic £20 cut in their price for this season.


Overall in the Championship the survey shows that the average cost of a single home matchday ticket for adults has fallen from £22.11 to £20.58.

English Football League chief executive, Shaun Harvey, has responded to the survey and praised the efforts of clubs to bring prices down.

“Football does not exist in a bubble,” Harvey told BBC Sport. “But it is clear EFL clubs are doing all that they can to ensure it remains accessible to supporters young and old, in a tough economic climate.

“Ticket revenues continue to underpin the finances of EFL clubs and it is therefore correct that ticket pricing is a matter for individual clubs.

“However, the rise in attendances would only be possible if our clubs offered excellent value for money and it is clear they are reaping the benefits of developing and maintaining ticket pricing structures that reward the loyalty and dedication of supporters in growing numbers.

“It is particularly pleasing to see the number of young people attending EFL matches is continuing to grow and it is no surprise to see season ticket holders are continuing to reap the best value for money.

“I’m sure efforts to encourage families and youngsters to attend live EFL football at an early age will ensure football has a bright future with generations of supporters getting an early taste of the matchday experience.

“Analysis of official gate receipts submitted to the EFL reveals the average admission price received by all clubs is £13.53 across all three divisions.”

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