Proud moment for Jarvis duo

PUBLISHED: 10:07 19 September 2006 | UPDATED: 09:39 14 September 2010


They may have their occasional run-ins on the training grounds of Colney, but Ryan Jarvis says it will be a proud moment when he and brother Rossi - barring injury - step out for the Canaries at Rotherham tonight.

They may have their occasional run-ins on the training grounds of Colney, but Ryan Jarvis says it will be a proud moment when he and brother Rossi - barring injury - step out for the Canaries at Rotherham tonight.

The competitive streak in both Fakenham-born lads means it's full pelt when they go head to head.

“We do have a few scuffles now and again,” laughed Ryan, at 20, the older of the pair by two years. “He came back to training the other day and caught me on the ankle and we had a little scuffle, but everyone does that, it's not just brothers. All the team-mates have scuffles in training, it's showing competitiveness.”

And there'll be no special treatment at Millmoor tonight, should either brother get into bother with an opponent.

“He's a team-mate so hopefully he'd stick up for us, I'd definitely stick up for him,” said Ryan. “But he's a man at the end of the day, he has to look after himself. I'd stick up for him like I would any other team-mate.”

Ryan started the first round Carling Cup tie at Torquay and has made two sub appearances since, while Rossi hasn't tasted senior action this year because of injury. He has played for the reserves and performed well for the Academy team at the weekend and, with Adam Drury injured and on-loan Paddy Boyle ineligible because of the terms of his contract, finds himself making an historic appearance.

Not since the Cropper brothers, Reg and Arthur, played their only game together on February 18, 1928 have siblings appeared in the same Norwich team.

“If Rossi gets the chance to play and I get the chance it would be great - 70 year since the last time it happened,” said Ryan. “It would be a proud moment for me and my family and I'd be pleased for him.”

“We played in Fakenham minis, and obviously at school and in the youth team as well. We have played together before but if we get a chance to play in the first team together obviously that would be another notch, it would be great for us.”

Ryan was the youngest player to appear for the first team when he came on as a sub April 19, 2003 at Walsall at the age of 16 years and 282 days. His full debut came two days later in the 3-0 home defeat by Wolves. But regular first team football has been hard to come by and even now he finds himself facing the stiffest competition of all, leading scorer Robert Earnshaw. So tonight is a chance to make an impression.

“Every youngster wants to play in the Carling Cup when the opportunity comes,” he said. “Hopefully it will be tomorrow night so I'm looking forward to it.”

“I think I have been doing quite well this year and sooner or later hopefully my chance will come, the gaffer notices the steps I am taking forward and it will come this season.”

Being part of the first team squad is one thing, but getting only a few minutes here and there has its difficulties.

“If I am not playing regular games the fitness is going to drop and I am not going to be as sharp as the players that have been playing, so I have to keep my fitness up in training and do extra work and maintain that high level of fitness,” he added.

What Jarvis is does have is the ability to play all along the front line, a facet that won't be lost on City coach Martin Hunter, for whom Jarvis has appeared in England youth set-ups.

“I can play any of them,” said Jarvis. “I have played them before under Martin Hunter and I would be happy to play anywhere if I was a picked for the team. If I got picked I would do the best job I could anywhere along the front line.”

Jarvis played just behind Leon McKenzie at Torquay, a role he enjoyed.

“You get a lot of the ball there and you get into the game more,” he said. “If I was in the team I'd like to play up front. I am a striker, I like to score goals. If it's 4-3-3 I'd like to play up front but obviously Earnshaw is doing a job there at the moment so I have to wait my time. In 4-4-2 I like up front, getting the goals, that's what I'm paid for.”

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