Redmond apologises for penalty miss which saw England Under-21s knocked out of Euros by Germany

Nathan Redmond after his penalty miss. Picture: PA

Nathan Redmond after his penalty miss. Picture: PA

PA Wire

Former Norwich City star Nathan Redmond has apologised for his penalty miss which saw the England Under-21s lose to Germany in the semi-finals of the European Championship in Poland.

Redmond saw his crucial final spot-kick saved by Julian Pollersbeck as Germany defeated Aidy Boothroyd’s Young Lions 4-3 after the match had finished 2-2 after extra-time.

In a tweet, the Southampton midfielder, who was playing his final game for the Under-21s, said: “Sorry. I’ll continue to keep learning from these experiences and trying to improve as a player every day as usual. There’s work to do & I’m ok with that mental and physical challenge that lies ahead. Anyone that knows me well enough they know I’m forever proud to wear the 3 lions shirt on my chest. It’s sad to close a chapter on my England youth team football in that way but I’ve gained more than I’ve lost from the U16s right through to the U21s.”

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