Russell Martin looks to a brighter future at Norwich City

Russell Martin wants to get Norwich City back on track this season. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Russell Martin wants to get Norwich City back on track this season. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

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Russell Martin is ready to prove the doubters wrong as he gears up for his eighth full season at Norwich City.

The Canaries’ skipper had his fair share of detractors during the last campaign, along with the rest of a squad who fell short in the Championship promotion stakes.

Daniel Farke will meet up with the majority of his players for the first time at Colney today for the opening day of pre-season training and Martin aims to play a major role in the new era under City’s German head coach.

“I love being here and playing here. I want to help them drive it on within the dressing room,” said the Scottish international, who along with a number of his Norwich club mates had an extended season due to summer World Cup qualifiers.

“I get doubted every season, every game. When we got promoted two seasons ago I was in the team of the year and still got criticised. I am used to that. You have to have skin like a rhino in football. Social media has added to that over the years. It wasn’t like that when I first came in. If someone thought you were poor they would shout from the stand or go down the pub and tell all their mates. Now they go on a keyboard and write it. Most seen to have made up their mind before they come to the game. It doesn’t bother me. I will come back ready to prove people wrong and try to help get us promoted.”

The defender could reach 300 league appearances this coming season for the club he joined initially on loan from Peterborough in November 2009 during the Paul Lambert regime.

“I have played under four or five different managers here and every year I have been in the top two or three for appearances, different positions, so I will go and do the same next year,” he said. “I want to be part of a Norwich City football club rocking and rolling and the supporters and the players and staff all buying into that.

“The opinion that counts is your manager and your team mates. People can say what they want outside of that.

“I think every season I have been under threat at Norwich City. We know we under-achieved (last season), every player in that dressing room. Everyone has their own opinions but in the end it comes down to what Stuart (Webber) and the new manager thinks.”

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