‘Wouldn’t you just love to be a player in that team now?’ - Ryan Jarvis on Farke’s Canaries

PUBLISHED: 12:23 31 May 2020 | UPDATED: 12:23 31 May 2020

Former Norwich City striker Ryan Jarvis in action for King's Lynn Town Picture: Ian Burt

Former Norwich City striker Ryan Jarvis in action for King's Lynn Town Picture: Ian Burt


Ryan Jarvis made history when he became Norwich City’s youngest player and youngest goal scorer – but he’d love to have wound the clock forward and play for current head coach Daniel Farke.

Jarvis, 33, was a rising star back in the day under Nigel Worthington, with a star-studded cast of big-name pros ahead of him.

He rubbed shoulders with the likes of Iwan Roberts, Leon McKenzie, Dean Ashton and Rob Earnshaw – but says the chance to play Farke-ball with the bright young things in the 2020 squad would have been a dream.

“I don’t know him, but I have seen the way they play and I love the way they play football sometimes, especially when they are in possession. I love it,” said Jarvis, who works as a coach for the club’s Community Sports Foundation.

“You look and think ‘wouldn’t you just love to be a player in that team now with the freedom to just play and keep the ball, be patient and make things happen?

Ryan Jarvis in his Norwich City days Picture: ArchantRyan Jarvis in his Norwich City days Picture: Archant

“It always used to be more direct and you had got to be strong because the ball was up in the air a lot - and that was never part of my game anyway.”

Jarvis has moved back into a midfield role after starting his career as a striker and has been a major influence in former City player and assistant manager Ian Culverhouse’s success at King’s Lynn Town since moving to The Walks almost three years ago.

It’s been a story of almost non-stop success, and while Jarvis has no plans to retire anytime soon, he is playing a bigger role in the coaching side at Lynn, soaking up knowledge from a man he rates as the best coach he has worked under in 17 years as a pro.

“He is the best coach I have worked under in my whole career,” said Jarvis.

“It’s just the attention to detail in everything he does for every game we play.

“The last three years have been a joy - it’s the most I have enjoyed the game.

“It doesn’t matter what level you are at, this team for the level we have been at, is the best team I have played in when it comes to the football.

“I would love to have been in a team like us higher up in the pyramid playing football the way we do.”

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