Soto relishing his Norwich City chance

PUBLISHED: 06:00 03 August 2020 | UPDATED: 12:58 03 August 2020

Sebastian Soto during his Hannover days Picture: Imago/PA Images

Sebastian Soto during his Hannover days Picture: Imago/PA Images

Imago/PA Images

Norwich City new boy Sebastian Soto is excited by the Canaries’ plans for his development.

The American youth international was confirmed as a Norwich player last week following his departure from German second division side Hannover and was impressed with the pathway planned for him.

“I’m truly humbled, happy and excited that this is my next step,” the striker said. “And the path that they had spoken to me about and the plan that they have for me was just great. I was so attracted to it.

“Norwich has such a good history with young players.”

Soto left Germany after becoming frustrated at the lack of game-time at Hannover - but is deciding to extract the positives from his spell with the club.

Sebastian Soto turned his back on Hannover to play for Norwich City Picture: PASebastian Soto turned his back on Hannover to play for Norwich City Picture: PA

“I think all I can say about last season was it’s all an experience,” he said, speaking to ESPN.

“I guess that’s how football is. I just have to learn from what happened, and nothing against Hannover or anything, but I just have to look forward.”

The coronavirus pandemic halted professional football, but Soto used the lockdown to prepare for his new challenge.

“I think, especially people that are close to me, knew that I did a lot on my own because I knew the future was coming and I knew something new is going to come, so I had to be ready,” he added.

“It’s tough being an athlete and having a long pause like that. But luckily in Germany, it was not as long as maybe other nations and we got back into it.”

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Soto is set to spend the upcoming season out on loan - with City hoping that the UK’s departure from the European Union will see work permit regulations become less strict for non-EU players.

The 20-year-old has been training with Dutch second division club Telstar ahead of a possible loan switch.

“All the conversations were extremely positive, from the sporting director, to the coaches, to everyone at the club, the staff was all really positive,” he continued.

“And I think the biggest thing they told me was that I needed to get experience, which is what this loan is all about, ultimately.

“I think they do see me as a striker, but they also want to take advantage of my having good feet and going into good spaces.

“But ultimately, they see me as someone who’s going to score goals.”

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