Norwich City Rumour Mill: Danish target open to England move

PUBLISHED: 20:27 08 July 2020 | UPDATED: 20:27 08 July 2020

Norwich City sporting director Stuart Webber, left, and head coach Daniel Farke Picture: Archant

Norwich City sporting director Stuart Webber, left, and head coach Daniel Farke Picture: Archant


Danish midfielder Jacob ‘Lungi’ Sorensen says he is open to the idea of a move to England after reports linking him to Norwich City.

The 22-year-old plays for Esbjerg, who have just been relegated from the Danish Super League

“Immediately I’m open for the most part, but there are things that need to go up,” Sorensen told Danish regional newspaper JydskeVestkysten. “The club must be satisfied and I must be satisfied. If the opportunity arises, I’m ready for it.

“Now they (Norwich) are probably moving down, but the Championship is a big league, and I was wondering if it was an opportunity.

“I haven’t seen much of the Championship, other than the relegation matches, which are shown on Danish TV. But it’s a big league. Many big and historic clubs and many spectators at the stadium, so it could be mega big to get over.”

Esbjerg sports manager Jimmi Nagel admitted there had been interest in Sorensen.

“Well, he has luckily contracted with us yet, but he is a good player,” he said. “It is a player who has been interested for a long time.”

Nagel said he did not believe City’s impending relegation would affect the transfer fee.

“All else being equal can do it, but if the individual player performs well enough, there may be someone who can ignore it anyway,” he said. “But it can do something about the prices if you do not perform as a team and the individual player does not perform. If the individual player is performing, then the price should be the same if you are going to sell someone.”

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