The Dunc Un: ‘We are so proud that his legacy will live on’ - Scott Forbes pays tribute to his father

PUBLISHED: 10:45 16 December 2019 | UPDATED: 10:46 16 December 2019

Norwich City legend Duncan Forbes on Mousehold Heath where in his time as a player he used to train.
 Picture: Archant

Norwich City legend Duncan Forbes on Mousehold Heath where in his time as a player he used to train. Picture: Archant

Archant © 2008

Scott Forbes has paid tribute to his late father, Duncan, and hopes the publication of the special edition ‘The Dunc Un’ will help his legacy live on.

The reaction from Norwich City fans to Duncan's death was huge and Scott and his family have been touched by the outpouring of emotion that marked his passing.

Head of sport Chris Lakey has edited 'The Dunc Un', a special edition Pink Un magazine, paying tribute to the man, who served the Canaries for 33 years.

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"Following all that has already been said and published since dad's passing, our family is surprised and delighted in equal measure that the Pink Un wishes to further remember him this way and we'd like to thank everyone involved in its fruition," said Scott in the magazine.

"Our dad's popularity on and off the pitch always did precede him but the true extent to which this has been further confirmed by all the wonderful tributes made by fans far and wide and by professional associates of the club is especially heart-warming. Dad wouldn't expect to receive such accolades simply for being the man he was in public or in private.

"We hope readers of this special edition of The Dunc Un will enjoy learning more about the great man that dad was. So many have already revealed their memories and admiration for him and some of these memories have been included in the pages that follow. Our family will treasure this special edition and keep it with other memories of our father so that future generations of Forbes' will come to know what a legend he truly was. We are so lucky to have these memories to treasure and they are helping to ease the pain of losing him. We are so proud that his legacy will live on."

The Dunc Un is out now in all our usual retailers, priced at £4.99, or you can order your copy here at £1 from every purchase will be donated to the Alzheimer's Society in Duncan's honour.

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