Spud Thornhill: Let’s savour the moment Norwich City sent us fever pitch

Norwich's coaching staff celebrate victory at Tottenham Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Norwich's coaching staff celebrate victory at Tottenham Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

It was world book day on Thursday and if I had to choose a non-Norwich City book it would be Fever Pitch, by Arsenal supporter Nick Hornby.

Travelling City fans in full voice during a famous FA Cup night Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images LtdTravelling City fans in full voice during a famous FA Cup night Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Regular readers will know about this book as I've mentioned it before, but if you don't, it's about his lifelong passion for the Gunners, one that I can relate to with Norwich.

There is a section where he writes about putting all the hours in, going to pointless games, spending too much time and money - but when you have done all this there will be a time when you get a reward. Nick feels he got his reward when Arsenal won at White Hart Lane in a famous League Cup semi-final in 1987.

On Wednesday, after beating Spurs in the FA Cup fifth round and reaching the quarter-finals for the first time in 28 years, there was plenty of joy, noise, celebrations and passion in the away end. In my mind I am sure my joy matched Hornby's.

Ok, I know Wednesday night was not as good as a promotion night at Fratton Park or any wins at Portman Road. But in a season where we have had so many tough results to take, it was so nice to see a famous night in front of so many of our supporters.

That was for the fans. Seeing so many fellow Canaries buzzing like me was great! Many of them I've known for years and they have put many hours in following our club, so I knew Wednesday meant so much to us as fans.

Some fans of other clubs might think we may be going over the top about this result. I would say, unless our supporters are in their mid-30s or older, they have not seen us reach the last eight. So we have every right to enjoy the celebrations.

It's back to domestic football today with a trip to Sheffield United, and with confidence on a real high, especially with two wins in a week .

Last Saturday I woke up with that lovely warm feeling you get from a Norwich win. It was nice to know the players had got the result against Leicester that the performance on the pitch deserved. The fans in the stands had a part to play in it as well, cheering on the team. That left us just the four points from safety and suddenly making up that gap looked achievable. That self belief was back on.

I looked at the fixtures over the weekend, taking particular note of the clubs immediately above us, of course and I didn't expect West Ham, Bournemouth and especially Watford to gain points last weekend.

A few hours later, I was brought back down to earth. Two wins and a draw made the gap for those three fellow strugglers six points. Not even a last-minute goal and another defeat for Ipswich could raise a smile for me.

Those results that went against us, they felt like such a kick in the teeth. But at the same time I just thought to myself, that is why football is the most beautiful game. You just never know what's going to happen, especially with some difficult games still to come at Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City.

It might not have been an easy season at times but you know these players will keep going, unlike some who've played with us when we have been relegated.

Some may think I'm a 'happy clapper' but I just see myself as a positive person who wants to enjoy what we have got in life and football. Too much negativity is not healthy.

I was asked this week by a fellow Canary why I am always positive - he also said the club love fans like me who just accept whatever they do.

"Why can't we be like Stoke City, who got themselves established as a Premier League club." Oh yeah. I would really love to watch Tony Pulis' style of football every week.

At the moment nothing is guaranteed or sorted. So let's enjoy what we've got - Premier League wins, penalty shoot-out wins and cup wins.

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