Summer striker hunt for Roeder

PUBLISHED: 07:30 26 February 2008 | UPDATED: 15:25 10 September 2010

Chris Lakey

Glenn Roeder has admitted that his first job of the summer will be to solve Norwich City's goal-scoring problems.

Glenn Roeder has admitted that his first job of the summer will be to solve Norwich City's goal-scoring problems.

The Canaries have lost just once in their last 15 Championship games, effectively staving off the threat of relegation.

But their form hasn't been matched by their exploits in front of goal - only three times in that run have they scored more than a single goal.

Jamie Cureton is leading scorer with just seven - but at this stage last season he had exactly double that amount with Colchester.

It was Cureton who score the winner against Barnsley on Saturday and while Roeder says he is satisfied with 1-0 victories, he admitted he will be chasing strike targets in the summer when he loses Dion Dublin to retirement and Ched Evans to his parent club, Manchester City.

“That is something we do need to improve on without doubt,” he said. “I know as a defender myself you find it more difficult, you feel under more pressure if you know you don't score many goals.

“It means you can't concede any at all really.

“Dion's retiring, Ched will be going back and we are not going to play one up front next year so we obviously have to improve in that area.

“It is an area we need to improve on, but again, with what we are running with, overall the boys are doing amazingly well. There isn't any way anyone could get me to even talk about or even think about being other than positive to the players.”

Roeder has been linked with a number of targets, including Newcastle's Andy Carroll, although he may return to either one or both of his January targets, Scunthorpe's Martin Paterson and Grzegorz Rasiak, who joined Bolton on loan from Southampton rather than move to Carrow Road.

City made it 10 wins under Roeder at the weekend with the 1-0 defeat of Barnsley.

“In professional terms it's the best result,” Roeder said. “You score one and don't let one in. Our supporters want threes, fours and fives but you don't get that in professional football, the modern game, too often.”

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