Sunday Fan Zone: Brighton? Newcastle? Birmingham? This Norwich City away trip was the worst of the lot

PUBLISHED: 15:47 27 August 2017

Some travelling Norwich fans had seen enough and made an early exit. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Some travelling Norwich fans had seen enough and made an early exit. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

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I’ve been a season ticket holder at Carrow Road since the season after the play-off final in Cardiff and a “regular” away supporter since the season Paul Lambert led City to a second successive promotion.

I aim to attend 10, 15 away games every season and since that season in the Championship I’ve seen some terrible away results and performances.

Of course, some of those results were in the Premier League so I guess we should expect to lose more often than not, especially when taking into consideration wages/fees that other clubs can spend.

Brighton 5 Norwich 0 sticks out in the memory as a particularly bad one, as does Newcastle 6 Norwich 2 and a 3-0 defeat at Birmingham City. I wont mention any more as I’m sure my point has been made.

Norwich City’s away support has had to take some abysmally bad away performances over recent years.

Yesterday, however, against a team that finished sixth in League One, that hadn’t won a game yet this season and that played in the fashion we all knew they were going to play was in my opinion the very worst. At least Brighton were challenging at the top end of the table when Mr Hughton served up his revenge.

The day started off quite well with the travelling contingent seeming cheerful enough and willing to forget about the previous game at Villa Park to support the team at the Lions’ Den in south London.

It was at 2pm when the team news was announced when things started to go wrong. “That defence.” ““Those centre-halves?” “At least Wes is playing.” That was the theme amongst the supporters on the concourse as the build-up to the game continued.

And then the clock hit 3.15pm. Despite a good start from City a simple long ball up to ex-Canary Steve Morison found its way to his strike partner Lee Gregory in acres of space to put the home side 1-0 up. At this point I was still confident about getting something from the match, but little did I know what Norwich would get would be a damn good hiding.

It is just typical Norwich City that when the opposition score first the team inevitably crumbles completely. I can’t put my finger on what went wrong – I don’t really blame Gunn Jnr as the defence and midfield in front offered him zero protection whatsoever. We’re so open and predictable at times, particularly away from home.

Norwich looked good going forward, with Josh Murphy, Nelson Oliveira and Wes Hoolahan all having good chances and testing the goalkeeper, but ultimately when defending is as hard as it apparently comes to Norwich we’re always at risk of losing.

And we most certainly did yesterday!

And now for perhaps the sorest point of the afternoon: the booing of Russell Martin.

People who know me will know I am by no means his biggest fan and that if it were up to me he wouldn’t play as frequently as he does, but booing your own player during a game is just not necessary and is a disgrace in my opinion. The other three defenders were just as bad and at fault for the hammering.

Maybe it’s because he’s captain, maybe it’s because he’s the scapegoat, maybe it’s because he’s part of the old guard but I’m sorry, booing your own team when they’re already losing just doesn’t help anybody. Wait until full time.

The atmosphere in the away end was pretty poisonous as the game reached its conclusion, but who can honestly blame people for being disgruntled?

If the team carry on defending in the manner we have been then, make no mistake, this season will turn into an uphill struggle with maybe even a relegation battle on the cards.

Two home games represents two good chances to pick up some much-needed points. Let’s hope that after the international break things start to improve and this new style of playing starts to result in City moving up the table.

It can’t get much worse... OTBC!

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