Tale of differing fortunes for youngsters

PUBLISHED: 10:38 31 August 2008 | UPDATED: 15:44 10 September 2010

John Landamore

Manchester United U18 2, Norwich City U18 0: Two second half goals saw City's Academy side go down 2-0 at Manchester United on Saturday.

FA Premier Academy League

Manchester United U18 2, Norwich City U18 0

Two second half goals saw City's Academy side go down 2-0 at Manchester United this morning. Playing the same side that put five past Nottingham Forest last Saturday the young Canaries put in an eye catching performance during the first 45 minutes to hold the home side. The second half however saw United take the lead on 60 minutes with a breakaway goal before they doubled their lead on 75 minutes. City pushed forward looking to get themselves back into the game and they had a couple of good opportunities in the dying minutes but they failed to convert them.

Norwich City U18: Rudd, Francomb, Habergham, Stephens, Kelly, Adeyemi (Omereie 50), Dawkin, Smith, Lathrope, Renton (Davey 80), Daley.

Subs not used: Clark, Cooper, Reeves.

City Academy U16 side completed their pre season campaign ahead of next week's league opener against Watford with a 2-0 victory over Ipswich Town at Playford Road this morning. On target for Dean Ristrick's side were Joe Clarke and Tom Jex.

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