Terminator tips United to overcome City on Sunday

PUBLISHED: 16:52 25 October 2019 | UPDATED: 17:08 25 October 2019

The Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger has predicted a 3-0 defeat for City this weekend against Manchester United. Picture: Archant

The Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger has predicted a 3-0 defeat for City this weekend against Manchester United. Picture: Archant


Performing on the global stage provided by the Premier League can lead to opinions from around the globe, including from Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The actor has appeared in films such as Commando, Predator and the Terminator series, with the latest film 'Dark Fate' being released today.

Despite his on-screen success, Schwarzenegger will discover himself in the bad books of Canaries across the country after predicting City will suffer a heavy defeat to opponents Manchester United on Sunday.

Alongside Terminator co-star Gabriel Luna, the 72-year old has taken on ex-Liverpool defender Mark Lawrenson in the BBC's weekly prediction competition, where celebrities attempt to forecast the weekends football fixtures.

The star, affectionately known as Arnie, has gone for a 3-0 victory for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's team despite them sitting in 13th place in the table.

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Luna, who plays Terminator in the new film, has suggested City will manage to score against United but will still lose 3-1.

As for Lawrenson, he is yet to predict a City win this season even though the Canaries have recorded victories against Newcastle United and Premier League champions Manchester City.

That run continues this week, with the ex-Irish international plumping for a 2-2 draw between the sides.

"The Canaries have been struggling for fit centre-backs so that was a very good performance against the Cherries, and I would not be surprised to see them give United a good game too.

"I am not going to go as far as saying I think Norwich will win, though." Lawrenson stated.

"They are another team that I have not tipped to get a victory so far this season, but they are going to have to wait at least another week for that to happen - which is probably good news for them."

Schwarzenegger may have predicted a negative result for City this weekend but Daniel Farke is hoping his team will 'be back' competing in the Premier League next season.

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