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PUBLISHED: 14:59 20 February 2013 | UPDATED: 14:59 20 February 2013

Norwich City's trip to Abu Dhabi was one of the topics discussed in the Norwich City Debate at

Norwich City's trip to Abu Dhabi was one of the topics discussed in the Norwich City Debate at


Norwich City writers David Cuffley and Paddy Davitt have answered your questions in the Norwich City debate at

Topics discussed included:

• The team’s trip to Abu Dhabi.

• Is this season’s defence any better than last season’s?

• Any big changes in the summer at Norwich City if they remain in the Premier League?

• Should Chris Hughton go a bit more cavalier with a diamond or a 4-4-2 formation?

• Will David Fox be given any more chances is he on borrowed time?

• Who should be dropped so Becchio and Holt can play up front together?

• The chances of Grant Holt leaving in the summer now that his family have returned to the north.

• If he stays fit, could James Vaughan become a valuable asset for Norwich City?

• Do Norwich City play better away from home where there is slightly less pressure and slightly more patient support for the team?

• Is Mark Robins a potential future Norwich City manager ?

• The current situation with John Ruddy’s recovery.

• Will Chris Hughton retain any of the players he allowed to go out on loan for the season or will he release them?

• Will Norwich City make the permanent signing of Javier Garrido a priority?

• How many points will be enough this season to stay up?

You can read the complete list of questions and answers from this, and every, debate at

You can submit questions leading up to the Q & A session to or you can discuss all matters Canary live at

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