Worthy: New faces will get a chance

PUBLISHED: 13:35 13 April 2006 | UPDATED: 09:21 14 September 2010


City boss Nigel Worthington today dropped the broadest hint yet that the Canary kids would get their chance before the end of the season.

City boss Nigel Worthington today dropped the broadest hint yet that the Canary kids would get their chance before the end of the season.

With just four games left and a place in this season's play-offs now gone for good, it is clear that Worthington is keen to experiment and see just what the Academy larder may hold.

Ryan Jarvis - fresh from signing his new two year deal with the club - his younger brother Rossi, Republic of Ireland Under 17 star Michael Spillane and England Youth keeper Joe Lewis could all feature as Worthington starts planning in earnest for 2006/2007.

“There will be a couple of new faces in the starting line-up between now and the end of the season,” he confirmed.

“We'll have a little look, experiment and give people opportunities.”

Opportunities that may well be enforced given City's little rash of end-of-season bumps and knocks.

With Youssef Safri's gall bladder operation ruling him out until the start of pre-season, the fact that both Leon McKenzie and Paul McVeigh are unlikely to figure at Hillsborough this Saturday clearly gives Worthington the chance to cast his eye over the likes of Jarvis the Elder.

“Leon's back is still quite tender and he'll not be available this weekend - and there's a question mark for Monday,” said Worthington with the Easter Monday home clash with QPR already figuring in his thoughts.

McVeigh was due to return to training this morning as his three weeks on the sidelines following the back injury sustained in the home clash with Sheffield United looked set to ensure his comeback is put on hold while he regains more match fitness.

“Paul's starting back in training today but he's been out for a period of time now and we'll just have to monitor him.”

As the Canaries head back up North for the third time in recent weeks, the need for a morale boosting win on their travels - their first in 2006 - rose ever greater.

Worthington is well aware that City's away form has proved a large part of their undoing this season. Norwich have to find the wherewithal to grind out points and performances on the road - even if that is at the expense of their traditional commitment to pretty, passing football.

“You put your foundations down at home and over the course of the season we've been pretty good at that. It could be better, but it could have been a lot worse,” said Worthington “what we've got to go and do is grind out results away from home - that's something that we've not done on a regular basis.”

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