City won’t be forced to sell this summer despite coronavirus pandemic, insists Zoe Ward

PUBLISHED: 06:00 17 June 2020 | UPDATED: 09:45 17 June 2020

Zoe Ward, member of Norwich City's executive board. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Zoe Ward, member of Norwich City's executive board. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY


Zoe Ward claims Norwich City’s culture has helped them navigate their way through the challenges posed by a global pandemic.

City’s business and project director has been at the forefront of the Canaries approach to Project Restart and logistical practices surrounding the safety of Colney training centre.

Ward spoke to the Along Come Norwich podcast in a wide-ranging interview about City’s approach to the coronavirus pandemic - stating that without the culture established since their restructure in 2017, the club would have found the crisis more difficult to contend with.

In the past few summer transfer windows, City have been forced to sell their top talent - something they won’t be forced to do this summer, despite the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

“On the football side, there will be some challenging time frames between the end of this season and next season. We just have to adapt to that.

“We’re in a really good place despite the economic impact of Covid-19. We haven’t got a gun to our head,” Ward said.

“There have been some harder summers in that way, where we’ve had to make ends meet and deliver certain revenue in order to sustain ourselves - we aren’t in that place this summer.

“It times like this, where you’re facing relegation and you’re working every hour on Project Restart when your culture really gets tested.

“What has been really rewarding is really seeing how that culture has held together and is getting us through this.”

City resume their Premier League campaign against Southampton this Friday behind closed doors - with the Canaries hoping to pull off a great escape of their own.

Along Come Norwich are playing their part in making Carrow Road feel homely for the players despite the lack of supporters in the stadium through a joint initiative with Barclay End Norwich and the football club to line the tunnel with scarfs donated by supporters.

The fan group have also released the third edition of their fanzine, which is available to pre-order via their website and contains an interview with City legend Robert Fleck.

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