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PUBLISHED: 14:29 20 March 2010 | UPDATED: 17:08 10 September 2010

Matt Juler, Capital Canaries

As the Capital Canaries away travel officer, it is my responsibility to organise the away group train travel that a number of our members use almost every other week.

As the Capital Canaries away travel officer, it is my responsibility to organise the away group train travel that a number of our members use almost every other week. It's a job I've been doing now for almost two seasons, and Saturday's trip to Swindon will be my largest to date.

Whilst Tim will regularly get forty plus on the excellent value home trips to Norwich (only £12 return this season), away trips normally bring ten to twenty supporters together for the trip from the capital to whatever city, town or village (we mustn't forget Paulton), that our City team are visiting on any given matchday.

More often than not the success of a trip is down to the cost. If you can offer a good deal that is cheaper than most of the available advance purchase fares you'll get a lot of takers, but if the train companies are not interested in a little extra weekend income, there is very little that you can do. At times it is possible to go via slightly longer but cheaper routes, such as Stockport and Huddersfield via Sheffield, but sometimes we just have to admit defeat and not run a trip at all.

Whilst most of our trips offer good value for money, every season the Capital Canaries pick a match for subsidised travel. In the past we've used the subsidy to make an expensive trip affordable, but this season we've gone for offering a real bargain, return to Swindon for just £5!

If Joe Bloggs turned up at London Paddington station on Saturday morning and asked for a return to Swindon he'd be charged £39, though I suppose we should think ourselves lucky that we are not London-based Southampton fans who were charged over £100 for the pleasure of visiting Swindon midweek. The way we get our bargain price is all thanks to the great value GroupSave tickets that a number of operators offer, and a little bit of imaginative ticketing, but I'll keep that secret to myself!

Whilst we can't run all trips for a fiver, this goes some way to highlight just what group travel and the Capital Canaries can offer. Whilst we're predominantly here for City fans living in the London area, many supporters living in the south east who travel via London to games could save a good deal over the course of the season by joining up.

Membership for the 2010/11 season opens on the 1st April 2010 and will be valid from that date for all new members. This will include access to our great home travel deal for the last few matches, plus a trip to Bristol for the final away match of the season. On top of this you'll receive regular copies of our award winning magazine, and become a member of the largest active City supporters group outside of Norfolk.

To find out more, please visit our website: www.capitalcanaries.com

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