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PUBLISHED: 01:33 07 March 2011 | UPDATED: 01:33 07 March 2011

Norwich City players applaud the travelling support after their win at Barnsley.

Norwich City players applaud the travelling support after their win at Barnsley.

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Just enjoy it. With missed penalty or not, I mean there is less than a quarter of the season to go and City are in the top six.

A mid-table position would have seemed acceptable to most Canary fans at the beginning of the season with our return to the Championship.

It is truly remarkable that without the power of being a big money spender that Canary fans have had consecutive seasons where, home or away, every team we play appears beatable.

This has been based on building the team’s confidence in their own abilities to compete at this level together with a willingness to work for each other right up to the final whistle.

We have all shared in seeing players grow in assurance. Earlier in the season the Pink’Un threads saw fans expressing their concerns.

After the pre-season games many asked if Ruddy was the goalkeeper we needed and did Ward have the ability and belief to fill a central defender role? Would we ever see what a fit Whitbread could produce? Was Holt a good striker only at League One or Two level? Would Hoolahan find himself knocked frequently off the ball by Championship defenders? Who were Crofts and Fox?

All these and other doubters questions have been answered on the field of play where it really matters. I would suggest that we enjoy the rest of the season without an over analysis of any individual weaknesses or how the team might be further improved. This is best dealt with in private by the City management team.

We should take pleasure in being in the reckoning for a place in the Premier League at this late stage of the season. We can share in having a pride in a team that shows a tenacity to never give in.

Savour the silky skills of Surman, Crofts, Fox,Lansbury and Hoolahan who have the ability to unlock any Championship defence. Take strength from the leadership and example of Grant Holt.

It is really a great time for watching the Canaries and knowing we have a very able manager and management team bringing the best out of our players.

Enjoy the rest of the season and get behind the team with the purchase of your season ticket and help to provide a vocal support from the terraces second to none.

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