Ask not what my club can do for me but what I can do for my club

PUBLISHED: 17:17 26 November 2010

A NCISA share initiative is hoping to raise money for Paul Lambert's transfer fund.

A NCISA share initiative is hoping to raise money for Paul Lambert's transfer fund.

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With full apologies to those of you who don’t like people misquoting famous figures (the headline is from a John F Kennedy speech) it has been a week of examining what the club has done for the fans and what the fans can do for the club.

It started with a NCISA initiative to try and raise funds for Paul Lambert’s January transfer kitty through encouraging people to buy shares in Norwich City.

This way the money comes free of all government taxation and goes straight into the Carrow Road coffers.

Indeed NCISA feel so strongly on this they have pledged £1,000 of their funds straight off with further monies coming from all new membership subscriptions received before the transfer deadline comes.

In addition for those people unable to spare the £120 minimum figure to buy shares NCISA will coordinate their donations into a larger amount to purchase shares and enable fans to do their part.

It is not going to buy Wayne Rooney and to be honest it probably wont buy Leon Barnett, but it will supplement whatever other monies the directors have managed to make available and could just make a difference in getting the player Paul Lambert wants.

Then at the end of the week we heard of the season ticket prices for next season and although some fans in the 60-65 age group will be feeling a little aggrieved it has to be said that the rest of us have not done too badly.

Our already cheap entertainment is remaining cheap and for those under 21 the price remains the same which has to be good news.

It is still cheaper for me to buy season tickets for my student sons and not use them every game compared to buying tickets (if available) when they return for the weekend.

It is things like this that keep Norwich a true family club and has to be praised.

The only down point is the inadequate buy-back scheme which leaves those seats empty as the additional leg room is worth more than the money you’d receive for releasing them!

So if I may return to the quote within the title. Maybe my club is doing something for me which makes it easier for me to do something for my club so I shall be playing my part.

• Full details of the share initiative are available at

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