Bored with City's boardroom woes

PUBLISHED: 11:00 06 September 2008 | UPDATED: 15:45 10 September 2010

Mike Grant, Capital Canaries

Followed City since 1972, first season we got promoted and I was hooked, but now I find myself caring less and less about my second passion (music is my first).

Followed City since 1972, first season we got promoted and I was hooked, but now I find myself caring less and less about my second passion (music is my first). It's all money and which overpriced journeyman is coming for 12 months because “the club and the manager matches his passion and ambition”.

God, I long to hear a player go: “I'm here because it was the best deal for me and my family,” because I could actually believe that.

Players like Huckerby don't come along that often now and, let's face it, we all take jobs because it offers us a better standard of living.

Anyway, I'm bored! I'm bored of the dull attackers of Delia and Michael. A couple that have given us a full ground, some great memories and a substantial amount of cash. Any of those on the Pink Un forum got a spare £2m to give? Thought not.

I'm bored of the “Delia is our one and only saviour” campaigners. Really? Bit daft thinking no one else could do a job for us.

I'm bored of Cullum in, Delia out, is he talking to us or isn't he talking to us? Has he talked to us or hasn't he? What happen to all the togetherness and openness? It's like being a fan of the masons, nudge nudge wink wink…. and don't tell the ordinary fans that come every week.

I'm bored of why the Turners might have left, when they left and when the loan has to be repaid, we're doomed or are we? Tell us!

Next season ticket renewal, I might not tell them all my reasons for giving back my seat.

I'm bored we've become as bickering and split as the beleaguered Labour party (Charles Clarke - he's the man to add more fuel to the boardroom fire, just pluck him out of the Barclay Upper).

I'm bored that the game against Birmingham and the excellent football we played has been lost in all the claim and counter claim.

Let's face it, we're in danger of becoming the Anglian version of Newcastle (St James? More like Sid James! What a carry on) as our unrealistic fans pile on the pressure demanding instant success, because that's what they bought into when Worthington assembled a decent side.

I'm actually looking back in fondness, at the days when we got 15,000 odd a week and we seemed to enjoy it more. Mike Ashley (rich, looks like a football fan, can drink a pint quick was the saviour of Newcastle and hasn't that turned out peachy.

We need investment but I do believe I'd want to know a lot more before I handed over the club to any Tom, Dick or Cullum.

QPR are swimming in money, so what did the new owners do? Change the club badge and double season ticket prices. Surely we'd need assurances off any businessman that he would continue our community approach or would you be happy funding the increase in the wages budget?

Anyway, all I can hope for is that sensible people sit down together (does it matter who contacts who? Aren't we all adults here?) and comes up with sensible solutions and then sensibly communicates this and I can get back to debating whether Matty is any good, whether loans are the way forward? Isn't Campo fat and past it…. You know the usual pre and post football talk.

In a sentence, sort it out, it's starting to resemble my workplace and if it carries on, I might just let you get on with it and spend Saturday with my Bovril in hand watching Blue Square Conference football.

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