Chris Goreham

I’m worried that I might be turning into one of those people. You know the sort. The ones that refuse to get carried away by a Norwich City promotion and claim they prefer the Championship to the Premier League.

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Another Premier League adventure has ended for Norwich City. It says something that many fans were relieved that Manchester City didn’t run up a cricket score against the Canaries on Sunday.

Anyone feeling sad about the loss of this year’s Theatre Royal pantomime would have found solace at Carrow Road on Saturday... Norwich City’s home season finale ticked all the boxes.

It got so bad for Norwich City on Saturday that I had to say the ‘F’ word on the radio. Yes that’s right – Fulham.

Todd Cantwell answered several big questions with one swing of his right boot when he scored against Manchester United on Saturday.

Previously on ‘Little Miracle’. Anyone who had filled the football-shaped hole in their life over the past three months by bingeing on Netflix series will have appreciated Norwich City’s approach to the Premier League’s Project Restart.

It’s going to be like a high school reunion at Carrow Road on Friday evening. The bricks and mortar will inspire an emotional reaction because of all the experiences those four walls have contained over the years, but there will be a gradual realisation that the old place isn’t quite the same without all the fun stuff that used to go on.

A lot has happened since Jamal Lewis scored a brilliant winner against Leicester City.

It’s supposed to be one of the most exciting days of the year for football supporters but this time it was little more than a reminder of the experiences they would be missing out on.

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