Doherty can be an inspiration to players

PUBLISHED: 16:16 21 January 2006 | UPDATED: 09:09 14 September 2010

Optimism can be infectious.So let us try to look positively at the present situation. To reach the play-offs it is likely to require 75 points.

Optimism can be infectious.So let us try to look positively at the present situation. To reach the play-offs it is likely to require 75 points.

Including today's game against Watford there are 17 games remaining of which nine are at home. Norwich will need 36 points which is just over an average of two points per game which is an achievable target.

In addition, before today's game, Norwich have to play nine of the teams above them in the table including all four at present occupying the play-off places. It is therefore in the team's own hands to claw the others back from their high perches. In February, apart from Crystal Palace, the Canaries play four teams in the bottom half of the table with three of the matches at home.

As to the playing side, on the law of averages, the incredible injury jinx that has hit the club so far this season should ease off for the run in. Those of us who remain optimistic see an improving pattern of play, an increase in the amount of ball possession and a considerable improvement in player's confidence levels taking a lead from the likes of Gary Doherty and Paul McVeigh.

The second half of the season provides an opportunity for some players to show their real worth after some disappointing starts to their Canary careers.

This is a time for these players to stand up and be counted and win over doubting fans. The expectation needs to be that Norwich will be in the play-offs and that the present squad have the determination to achieve this. One area, which is a puzzle and needs attention is the current kick-off strategy employed by the team of kicking the ball into touch.

While I understand that a well-taken kick puts the opposition defending team close to their own corner flag for a throw in, it also gives them possession.

Put another way, if during the ordinary run of play a midfield player is in the centre circle and decides to kick the ball into touch, even near the opponents corner flag, nobody is going to be pleased. Surely it should it be the same for the kick-off.

We need positive aggressive possession football to succeed this season. So players, 'Let's be having you'. Have I heard this somewhere before?

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