Fans quiet with good reason

PUBLISHED: 16:32 18 February 2006 | UPDATED: 09:13 14 September 2010

I WRITE after what may be perceived as an emphatic win over the Seagulls. In my mind it was far from that.

I WRITE after what may be perceived as an emphatic win over the Seagulls. In my mind it was far from that.

We struggled against a side that I consider far inferior to ourselves, which I think underlines the current plight of our club.

The atmosphere in the ground was deafeningly quiet. The Barclay and Snakepit hardly whispered a murmur, apart from to taunt one another. Then we scored.

As the celebrations were going on at the Barclay end and circling around the Snakepit, Robert Green walked over to the Jarrold Stand and cupped his hand to his ear. Wrong move, Robert.

Let's just remember who pays your wages and why they may be discontented and quiet at the moment. What have you as a team done to give the Carrow Road faithful anything to cheer about?

We have one of the most expensive squads in the division and some of the highest-paid players in the division.

I am sorry if the fans are a bit quiet at the moment, but the fact is that we are sitting at the dizzy heights of 12th in the division. Obviously, that is good enough for some. Not for me.

I have mentioned before the fact that the manager always takes the flak for a team's poor performances. Rightly so, as he is the man at the helm and realises the responsibilities when taking the job on.

However, I would still like to see some accountability from the players.

If you wish to terminate a player's contract, you have to agree a pay-off. I suppose it is the same for managers, but not at the same wage levels.

Who wants a player who can't give a monkeys sitting on the bench, or in the reserves, earning £5,000 to £10,000 per week? We, and many other Championship clubs, cannot afford this luxury.

I know that many sections of the ground wish to see the back of Nigel Worthington. We, as a committee, also feel that something needs to change.

However, with the players we have, we should be capable of beating most sides in this division without being told how to play.

It makes me wonder if there is something more underlying going on in the camp that makes the players behave in the way that they do.

Please note we are holding a quiz on Thursday, March 16 - £5 entry fee for a team of four - in the Norfolk Lounge at Carrow Road.

We are also holding a supporters' meeting on Thursday, March 2, at St Andrew's Hall (7.30pm).

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