Fixture backlog could be worry

PUBLISHED: 14:40 10 February 2007 | UPDATED: 10:04 14 September 2010

I was really looking forward to the game at Luton. Then at around 1.30pm on Friday afternoon my phone sprung into life. “Beep Beep” sounded as it announced that I had a text.

I was really looking forward to the game at Luton.

Then at around 1.30pm on Friday afternoon my phone sprung into life. “Beep Beep” sounded as it announced that I had a text. “Game off” were the only two words that I noticed in a much longer message. I uttered a couple of expletives and continued my conversation over my Friday lunchtime pint as I thought to myself how I would spend Saturday afternoon.

So why was I looking forward to going to Luton - a ground that, in my opinion ranks amongst one of depressing in the division and even worse than Elm Park and the Manor Ground, which thankfully have been consigned to the scrapheap of football nightmares?

1. It was an away game, Gemma was going and it would be a new ground for her to go. As a dad taking an eight-year old to football, it never ceases to amaze me how Gemma is surprised at how she sees things when we go to a new stadium. I think she expects them all to be just like Carrow Road. However she loved the terraces at Tamworth and I was hoping she would enjoy the away atmosphere at Luton though I'm not quite sure what Gemma would make of their, er, executive boxes.

2. We are on a roll. Admittedly, it is a roll of one game in a row, but a winning run has to start somewhere. We'll miss out on the chance of picking up points against a side who are not in the greatest of form.

3. We have a number ghosts to exorcise after some of last year's away day disasters. Although we didn't win at QPR, we at least restored some pride after with a well earned draw after last season's debacle at the Bush. Luton was next on the list and as much I would like to try to forget being four nil down at half time, our comedy defending and shooting that evening, I just can't. I needed to see City win there to blur the memory of last season. That pleasure will have to wait a little while longer.

So - with another midweek game to go to, the fixture list is now starting to look very crowded with the already scheduled midweek fixtures of Birmingham and Preston, now joined by Blackpool, Burnley, Derby and Luton.

With international weekends also taking dates from the fixture list, that does not leave many gaps to schedule these games and there are going to be more weeks where Norwich play Saturday, midweek Saturday. At a crucial stage of the season, a two-week injury could mean that a key player could miss four or five games instead of just a couple.

On the plus side, it could mean that Robert Earnshaw is fit for a few games more that we thought he might be.

Finally, I would like to wish Jim Duffy well in his new appointment and thank Doug Livermore for his years of service to the club, both as a player and as assistant manager.

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