Forget Lex Luthor, we've got a villain of our own

PUBLISHED: 19:23 18 August 2009 | UPDATED: 16:26 10 September 2010

The Man In The Stands

You can see the thought process, can't you?

We've just been embarrassingly creamed in Ewe-gate. Our hopeless 'manager' and his players look like they've never played a football match.

You can see the thought process, can't you?

We've just been embarrassingly creamed in Ewe-gate. Our hopeless 'manager' and his players look like they've never played a football match.

The cogs whirr in David McNally's mind. 'Why not appoint the bloke making us look bad? After all, I know him'.

The Man has already decided McNally resembles an uber comic villain, smartly dressed, furrowed brow, hell-bent on Carra Rud domination, pulling all the strings without anyone questioning his maniacal goals.

I imagine Colchester probably see him in a similar light. After all, we rang up the Ewes to ask is we could appoint their manager - as far as they knew we hadn't even spoken to him.

The new Norwich City recruitment process is clearly brutal.

Long gone are the days when we apologetically ring up asking to speak to someone, get told to politely go away, and actually do as we're told.

No more eight weeks of fannying around, waiting for people to draw up a dossier and b******t about how good they are.

In fact, the significance of recent events is being lost on too many people.

We've got what we wanted. The Stowmarket Two no longer call the shots; Gunny would still be in charge if they were.

The Man is not a hypocrite. Last season's relegation was enough to end Gunny's managerial stay, with or without Ewe-gate.

I mean, I could've been appointed City boss. I have the passion, and would've believed I could turn it round all the time.

But those in charge in May should've said, 'The Man, you're just not good enough at it, off you go'.

This week has been the final clean-up of those who used to make the football decisions.

McNally and Bowkett took the first chance they had to get rid of Gunny. Get the pain out of the way early - that's what they've done.

And they've almost restored Gunny's standing with it.

Go on, admit it. We all feel sorry for him. We all feel he was harshly treated. By making him wait four days, he was.

However, it was the right decision. Gunny knew the score. Being a football manager, it was always going to end with the sack. He knew he was putting it all on the line.

But he's still the greatest keeper we've ever had, still a club legend. It was simply time to drag him out of the pool before he drowned.

* * * * * * * * *

I might have to rethink the Ewes and derbies. They hate us now.

Cureton's return riled them (God, I hope Lambert's arrival is more successful) but this has them really pissed.

According to their bitter chairman, the Ewes are preparing to appoint a new manager “equally if not more talented” than Lambert, after we effectively came along a kneed them in the nether regions.

At least they can no longer complain about getting the credit they deserved for smashing us - we were so impressed we poached their boss.

The Man's view on our new man? He's been a football manager before, so that's one thing he has on Peter the Pointer and Gunny.

Plus he's never screwed up a second season at a club as manager (as he's never had one), so he's up on Roeder.

How can it possibly fail…

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