Huckerby is my player of the season

PUBLISHED: 17:56 15 April 2006 | UPDATED: 09:22 14 September 2010

IT IS player of the season time again…oh joy. It's a bit like picking peanuts out of poo, but I guess we have to do it, for tradition's sake if nothing else.

IT IS player of the season time again…oh joy.

It's a bit like picking peanuts out of poo, but I guess we have to do it, for tradition's sake if nothing else.

Last year The Man gave his support to Huckerby, while he also suggested that people should vote for No 13, the fans.

Looking over the list of potential candidates for this season is a bit like rubber-necking at a car crash.

As I contemplate each name I wince.

I would probably vote for Hucks again to be honest.

The Man knows he's not been great, but without him we'd have been lost in a sea of tedium even more dire than the one in which we are currently marooned.

Another potential winner is Gary Doherty. I'm sure that last sentence would be greeted with uproarious laughter by Spurs fans, but sadly, it is true.

He has been solid (ish). Yes, it has come to this. Someone is likely to win the award for being “solid”.

At least GD has looked mildly interested for the majority of this season, so on that basis alone he is ahead of a lot of other possible contenders.

The Man admits he's become a miserable sod this season. Good job there's only three games to go. OTBC.

t NUTTY Nigel appears to have been loathe to blood some of our younger players - until this week.

But with four games to go, and nothing to play for, he decided it's time to give youth a chance.

The Man does not agree with the demands of some of our supporters for NW to do this. I suspect, as Hucks alluded to a few weeks ago, that they are not ready.

But here's the rub.

December's Manager of the Month has four games to go until the end of the season.

He is on the verge of seeing it out. What better way to evade criticism than to throw a few young players in?

The crowd will ease off - even we are not that mean - and if we lose, Worthy can blame it on inexperience.

He can give them a few games, see out the storm, and then banish them back to the reserves at the start of next season.

The Man does have sympathy with NW on this one.

To a certain extent he is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't.

But the more pertinent issue, and one the board needs to examine, is that why - after dropping down from the Premiership less than a year ago - as a club we are already having to turn to the youth team for a glimpse of salvation?

It is normally the sort of resort clubs going into administration have to fall back on, not allegedly well-run clubs such as ourselves.

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