I think you'll find Team Gunn are Bottoming out

PUBLISHED: 17:28 07 August 2009 | UPDATED: 16:24 10 September 2010

The Man In The Stands

While being stuck a ridiculous two divisions below such football giants as Wigan, The Man loved us pitching up with our new-found pre-season swagger and brushing aside the plastic fantastic.

While being stuck a ridiculous two divisions below such football giants as Wigan, The Man loved us pitching up with our new-found pre-season swagger and brushing aside the plastic fantastic.

And if the boys manage to pull off similar tricks to the winner on Saturday against League One's meatheads, maybe we can all start watching without gritted teeth.

It was the kind of flowing counter attack Chippy himself used to conjure up.

Plus, we all know Lee Croft won't be driving home from 18 yards from that position for Derby this season. In fact, Simon Whaley's already managed more end product than our “reigning player of the season” delivered in three seasons.

These things might help distract from a season in League One and a fixture list threatening “more tame drivel” (football, that is, not this column - some get confused).

The class of 2009 seem happy enough - verdict out on their talents - but The Man, as I've mentioned before, is worried about Team Gunn.

What's up guys? First Gunny and Butts slog around in the hope they won't have to join the dole queue come May, only for Chippy to chirp up that he wouldn't be caught dead coming over from Oz for anything less than 18 months.

Now The Man understands Crook has been seemingly deposed as first team coach, simply going by 'reserve team manager' since pre-season.

Maybe Eddie and Richie have fallen out? At least it leaves Butterworth to run the show. Probably best, given he has some proper coaching experience.

The nightmare finally becomes reality on Saturday, as Colchester become the first team to sit behind the ball at Fortress Carra Rud this season - a game The Man refuses to call our derby.

The Ewes have some City greats of their own. Ian Culverhouse as Paul Lambert's number two, then there's Gary Holt - meaning five Norwich legends on the touchline at the weekend.

I think we'd rather had them on the pitch in a yellow shirt last season, even at an average age of 43.

But that was last season, this is now. The Man has read a few things, but feels it's all very simple. Promotion this season, no excuses. Doing it in style would be a bonus. A play-off semi-final failure doesn't count.

There, stall set. Now let's make it happen and turn Carra Rud into the fortress it used to be, starting Saturday. OTBC

* * * * * * * * *

Another week passes with Darel Russell continuing to attract offers.

The Man hears he impressed during last week's open training session at Carra Rud in front of several watching Anglian Combination scouts.

So Rusty - as I'm sure he is by now - may still get the chance to actually play some football this season.

It takes the proverbial that a player can simply ignore his part in our club's recent collapse by stating he's too good for League One and wants out.

At least David McNally seems intent on earning the club a decent wedge for his insolence. Get six figures and get rid.

* * * * * * * * *

So we'll also have the joys of one of the original Norwich City loanee failures on Saturday, Kevin Frisbie.

The ex-scummer seems determined to make Saturday's opener feel like a derby (it's still not) having brilliantly managed to convince Town's old establishment he was worth £600,000 a year ago.

While most footballers surprise you with how young they are, Kev is one of those with the rare quality of being older and having achieved even less than you'd think.

And The Man would like nothing more than to see dear Kevin trudging off the pitch after another 5-1 spanking - Frisbie's words, not mine.

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