Kasabian are not for me

PUBLISHED: 16:44 22 September 2007 | UPDATED: 10:34 14 September 2010

The first thing I saw on the front page of last weeks Pink'Un was “Kasabian should do well at Carrow Road”.

The first thing I saw on the front page of last weeks Pink'Un was “Kasabian should do well at Carrow Road”.

Great I thought, either we've got a new central defender or it's another culinary delight from Delia!

When the teams emerged from the tunnel there was, for me, a cacophony of discordant sounds. What with 24,000 fans applauding, the announcer giving out the teams and this other noise all competing at the same time - Kasabian did nothing for me and this was the view of the NCISA Committee at this week's meeting.

A few weeks ago I was at Celtic Park to support Hearts in the SPL and every time Celtic score up comes “Blitzkrieg Bop” and that sets up a wonderful festive mood, at least for the home supporters!

Moving swiftly on I was “as one” with Jose Mourinho over that goal that was ruled out for alleged offside (has Jose really left Chelsea?).

An oft used axiom is “If it 'ain't broke ,don't fix it” but I really do think the current offside laws do need reviewing.

One big question is “How can an Assistant Referee (or anyone else for that matter) look in two different directions at the same time when trying to judge whether a player is offside?”

The net result is a knee jerk reaction and up goes the flag for offside. The shame of it all is that some of the best moves of the game are ruined.

I have just heard the depressing news that Dion is suspended for three games. Thanks a bunch Danny, you did a great job last Tuesday evening.

Hopefully you will get what you deserve sooner rather than later.

Finally there was yet another doom and gloom letter in the Evening News last week pointing an accusing finger at the directors.

Well I for one do not share his views. Rome wasn't built in a day and this summer's intake do need time to settle in with Peter Grant's way of doing things. Do we really miss Youssef Safri and Dickson Etuhu ?

No, the way many of the early results are shaping up in The Championship so far there is going to be a lot of grief for many supporters.

Just ask Crystal Palace fans as their last four games have resulted in three 1-0 defeats and a 1-1 draw and they are not that bad a side. Two years before John Gavin arrived from Limerick I was already a regular on the terraces so I do remember him well.

There are many superlatives which would tell you all about John and fearless, courageous, honest and fair would be up at the top.

There were no tantrums from our flying winger who, like Hucks today, was persistently fouled by defenders as the only means to stop him.

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