Marching on together!

PUBLISHED: 13:26 26 March 2010 | UPDATED: 17:10 10 September 2010

Gary Smith, NCISA

Well this weekend saw the top of the table clash with Leeds United visit Carrow Road for a clash which potentially may a long way to deciding the title.

Well this weekend saw the top of the table clash with Leeds United visit Carrow Road for a clash which potentially may a long way to deciding the title. After those ninety minutes we have taken a huge step to getting one hand on some silverware in a season that started so disastrously at our lowest level of football for nearly fifty years, perhaps every cloud really does have a silver lining.

This season really seems to have pulled the club together from top to bottom, from the boardroom to the management team from the players to the supporters the club currently appears to be totally “United!” This is in stark contrast to Leeds United who started the season magnificently and to most pundits and onlookers were title winner's way back in December.

Leeds seem to have lost their way on the pitch and the supporters seem to have certainly played their downfall in their promotion chase with barracking of the team a regular occurrence on the terraces of Elland Road, “marching on together” perhaps they should change their famed anthem?

Now I fully understand people's rights to express their feelings at a football match and I can assure you that I certainly have done in the past but perhaps this has proven a valuable lesson to me being “United” makes a big difference.

After being away at Swindon it was disappointing to come away with a point after looking for a long while we would bring the three points back to Norfolk, it almost felt like a loss but after looking at the other results from teams around us that weekend it looks like a fantastic point at one of the form teams in the division. Another incredible turn out by the yellow army with just short of three thousand making the long trip to Wiltshire, it's certainly been a pleasure to follow the boys on the road this season that's for sure.

On Saturday we saw Holt, Martin, Hoolahan, Russell to name but a few. Quality players in a big match which I for one want to see more of next season in the Championship, yes League One has been enjoyable but I want to see our club performing and challenging in a more competitive and prestigious level of football.

David McNally takes a lot of credit by pulling this football club off its knees and putting football first and foremost something the club had long forgotten about, ambition and unity let's make sure we as a club attract this crucial investment to allow this to become reality.

I am so proud of what the club has achieved this season, Norwich and Norfolk deserves something to shout about. We are not “little old Norwich” and we are a team “Marching on together!”

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