Norwich City outclass Leicester in their own backyard

PUBLISHED: 13:21 14 March 2011

Wes Hoolahan opens the scoring at Leicester City.

Wes Hoolahan opens the scoring at Leicester City.

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I went up to Leicester on Tuesday night ignoring what happened against Preston at the weekend and relieved that I missed the game after hearing about what seemed to be a disappointing performance.

Tuesday night was anything but that; the complete opposite. I arrived at the ground less than a minute before kick-off and with the Norwich support numbering around 2,500 fans, I was surprised to be able to get a place to stand near the back row.

The first half started very encouragingly, City creating chances with a free-kick from Fox and a shot from Surman that was blocked but the pressure from Norwich finally told when Wes Hoolahan headed home from an excellent corner from the right.

Then straight away we conceded a sloppy goal within two minutes to Leicester. After that Leicester gained some momentum, with some great defending we held on til half-time.

The half-time break worked a treat and started the most important away win so far for Norwich this season. Early in the second half Hoolahan was clearly fouled in the six-yard box following a good run from Russell Martin and a penalty was given to Norwich.

Grant Holt stepped up to take it and smashed it into the net. This was back to the basics of penalty taking.

Soon after that it was all Norwich and just before the 60th minute Wilbraham got a terrific through ball via a huge clearance from John Ruddy and, with a good first touch and turn, slotted the ball home past Ricardo to make it 3-1. Norwich pressed on and could have easily scored more. After 80 minutes, many of the Leicester fans started to leave and I could see their players’ heads dropping. It was far too late when Gallagher took an excellent free-kick to score Leicester’s second goal with only seconds to go, a strike which would have beaten most keepers.

Overall it was a vital win to keep our hopes of promotion alive and with what’s coming out of QPR this week top of the league might just be within our sights.

Ten games to go and we’re still up there, a win on Monday night would see City in a great position to make the top two.

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