Prepare for the worst

PUBLISHED: 12:00 21 February 2009 | UPDATED: 16:06 10 September 2010

John Tilson, NCISA

Way back in 1981, I believe it was, David Steel addressed a political conference with the words “go back to your constituencies and prepare for Government”.

Way back in 1981, I believe it was, David Steel addressed a political conference with the words “go back to your constituencies and prepare for Government”. That statement never came to fruition but what if a Press release came out of Carrow Road to warn us all “go back to your houses and prepare for League One”.

That unfortunately is far more realistic than the SDP Liberal Alliance governing the country back in the 1980s. The air of relegation hangs heavily around our football club and to attempt to cling to any positives seems almost impossible at these difficult times.

Those in the boardroom have witnessed divisions amongst the fans over their tenure of administration since the second half of the 1990s. The appointment and subsequent departures of a succession of managers. The handling of finances and investment. The priority list of on and off the field activities perhaps summed up by the infamous “prudence with ambition” battle cry.

These issues and many more have kept internet message boards, radio phone-ins and the letters pages of the local Press active for a long, long time now. However we are now staring down the barrel at something that is new to a large proportion of our fan base - football and finance in the wilderness known as League Division One.

At this moment in time with a dozen games left it is uncomfortable that more and more supporters are accepting and preparing for the worst case scenario.

The newest generation of supporters will in my opinion and I say this with respect view it as an opportunity to visit new grounds and for Norwich City to be a big fish in a small pond coupled with an opinion that we will bounce straight back.

Many like myself will look deeper at our decline and demise and ask questions like:

1. Was promotion to the Premiership handled property by the board?

2. Has their appointment record with managers been satisfactory?

3. Do you believe that investment has been sought and handled as it should be in the current economic and footballing climate?

4. Is there a depth of football knowledge and expertise within the boardroom?

I am not being smug but I think most answers will be of the two letter variety.

That being so the next question is - are the current board of directors able and experienced enough to bring us back from the abyss?

I am sorry to say that recent history has indicated a NO reply.

Boy oh boy I so desperately want to be wrong about my current thoughts but even if I am and we somehow survive this season, the summer is going to be very long and uncomfortable and unpleasant decisions are going to be made both on and off the field.

The first thing I would do is hang full-length mirrors in the boardroom so that some people can take a long hard look into them.

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