Protests are all about passion

PUBLISHED: 13:59 11 March 2006 | UPDATED: 09:16 14 September 2010

Thanks to all the 514 people who attended the public meeting at St Andrew's Hall, Norwich, last week. There were some very passionate speeches and points made.

Thanks to all the 514 people who attended the public meeting at St Andrew's Hall, Norwich, last week. There were some very passionate speeches and points made. Everyone who wanted to speak was given the opportunity to do so, and the utmost respect was shown to those who had something to say - whether it be for or against the current regime at Carrow Road.

Several people have asked: “What next?” Well, on Monday the committee will meet club officials to discuss the outcome of the meeting, and the results will be communicated to supporters. One thing that has to be said is there probably isn't another club in the country that has such an accessible board of directors. We are very lucky that we have the opportunity to talk to them in the way that we do.

The board has to take into account the views of the paying supporters. There are many people who attend matches week in, week out who have watched, played, coached and managed the game for several years. Their opinions, whether it be in support of the manager or not, must count for something.

Booing the team when they are winning is not going to help anyone. While the game is in progress we should be fully supportive of the team and not work against them - it won't help us get out of the position we are in. Slating the players, however bad they are playing, is not good.

However, the protest outside the ground last Saturday was something we haven't seen at Carrow Road since the Robert Chase era. Many supporters feel it is the only way they can get their opinions heard, and congratulations must go to the organisers who encouraged and maintained a peaceful protest. The participants' behaviour was excellent, and although they voiced their displeasure regarding the management team they also sang in support of the players.

The protest was not arranged on a whim. Many people are becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of passion shown on the field, and the recent displays at Reading and Crystal Palace were the final straw for some. To spend £30 on a ticket on top of other costs such as

travel only to witness your team cave in as we do so regularly is not a pleasant experience.

We can also look back at last season. We may have come back from 4-1 down against Middlesbrough to secure a point, but should we have been in that position in the first place? Throwing away leads against the likes of Manchester City and Blackburn also spring to mind. And then there was Fulham . . .

So the disquiet at the moment is not just a short-term response from the fans. It has been building up over the past couple of years.

People have the club's best interests at heart, and that's why we've seen protests and public meetings of late. That's what football is all about - passion!

t Don't forget that NCISA is holding a quiz in the Norfolk Lounge at Carrow Road on Thursday at 7.30pm. Teams of up to four are welcome; the entry fee is £5 per team.

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