PTP’s attack on Hux made me nervous

PUBLISHED: 16:14 28 October 2006 | UPDATED: 09:46 14 September 2010

PETER The Pointer (PTP) has certainly put the cat among the pigeons this week. After a good few years of hearing the same thing after each game, and at each Colney press conference, it has been refreshing to get a new take on events.

PETER The Pointer (PTP) has certainly put the cat among the pigeons this week.

After a good few years of hearing the same thing after each game, and at each Colney press conference, it has been refreshing to get a new take on events.

In fact, it has been almost too refreshing.

It started after the Cardiff game, when PTP said Hux had not been good enough and he'd have been hauled off even if he wasn't injured.

'Hang on', thought The Man, this is the chosen one he's talking about here - and we want him to sign a new contract.

It brought me out in a bit of a nervous rash, although thankfully The Man thinks Hux is big enough to take a little criticism every now and then - providing it is just every now and then.

Then PTP put the boot into Ashdown, after he had kept a clean sheet against the league leaders.

“It's not the Jamie Ashdown I know, and it's not good enough.”

Jeez, heaven help the guy if he ever lets in a goal…

Then on to Tuesday - and Saf barely making it to half way through the first half before he was withdrawn.

On this score The Man was delighted.

I think Saf is a class player - but I question whether he has got the desire to really deliver the goods.

The problem YS has got now is that his new boss knows all about how a midfielder should play, and boy, he certainly DID have the desire.

The Man really hopes PTP can mould Saf into a consistent performer - that means more than just a few good showings at Carrow Road every once in a while.

I like YS and can believe this could be the start of something beautiful for all concerned. I just have a funny feeling it might not.


REGULAR readers of this column will know I am a bitter fellow.

There is a myriad of teams out there I don't like.

In fact, any team that has beaten us within the last five years automatically falls into that bracket - so it's not exactly an elite few.

There are constants - such as Ipswich and Man U - and there are teams which float in and out of my loathing.

West Ham are right at the upper end of this at the moment.

It's due to a few things.

Jealously from The Man that they were able to stay up with relative ease after promotion, and we didn't.

The fact they nicked Ashton off us after we had him for only a year - losing such a good player to them was painful.

Also, the fact Robert Green would have crawled over broken glass to sign for them.

And, of course, their fans.

We went down there in the cup a few years ago and there was barely 20,000 of them.

Yet following promotion they get drawn in the cup at our place and are all over our ground basking in what a big club they are.

Which all leads to the fact I'm loving their losing streak (sorry PTP).

Call me an a***hole, but I'd love to see little Rob Green's face if he had to run out at Norwich in the Championship next season, following his 'dream' move.

The Man doubts it will happen, but the misery of others is a good substitute for your club's failure to succeed.

Now if West Ham go down, I can start thinking bad thoughts about: Reading, Wigan, Fulham, Blackburn, Bolton…


INTERESTING to note that Walsall announced an annual profit this week.

It's the first time in a while the Midlands club have done it - prior to the ITV Digital collapse they used to do it every year.

It's interesting because we are constantly told it's nigh on impossible to make any sort of profit outside the Premiership - remember Doomcaster says the top flight itself actually increased our overall debt. So what have Walsall had to do in the last five years to get back to making money?

Well, they've dropped two divisions, and recently sold their two best players.

So, I think I'd prefer it if we stick to making a loss…

It just shows what a ridiculous business football is at the moment.

One club's gradual return to financial success has been mirrored by their slide down the Football League, while we pack Carrow Road every other week and still make a loss.

It really is silly - but until players' wages are cut it's just going to keep on happening. And, while you've got chairmen with so much money they don't need their club to break even, the silly wages will keep on happening.

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