Pulling out of youth league like a slow suicide pill

PUBLISHED: 13:52 21 March 2009 | UPDATED: 16:08 10 September 2010

Robert ONeill, NCISA

How a week can make you smile again. I look back over the last few days with two wins and six points in the bag and I begin to consider the possibility that safety could be back in our own hands again.

How a week can make you smile again.

I look back over the last few days with two wins and six points in the bag and I begin to consider the possibility that safety could be back in our own hands again.

I know there is still much to play for this season, and safety is still far from a sure thing, but maybe the sands of change are blowing our way again, with thanks to hard work and players showing a fight and a commitment to the cause on the pitch, not just the words we all read in print!

Thanks Bryan! I was aiming to write about these two main areas in which I feel things are going wrong:

t Has Bryan got the courage to drop the bigger named players that seem to be totally off form (Cureton and Fotheringham to name just two)?

While I did not think it was ever going to happen I was proved wrong.

Not only have we seen them dropped, but it shows that the club comes first and if players are not up for the fight then they will be dropped and the club will ship them out.

t Why keep bringing in squad players on loan when we need to change the first team?

Once again, we see the changes made in the last two games; three of his signings (Shacks, Mooney and Gow) have all come in and not only shown the loan system works if you know how to use it, but all three showing at least as much commitment to the cause as the players who seem to have the yellow and green blood.

Well, that just means all I am left with is where I think this club's biggest problem seems to lie: quite simply at the feet of the board.

I look at this club and the way it is being run and have to ask myself, do they look at what is going on with the banks at the moment, seeing them get big bonuses in spite of making mistake after mistake and think, “Well if it can work for them, it can work for us?”

Time after time we are being told: “We the board have made mistakes but are learning from them.” All I can see is the same errors being made time after time, so not only do I believe they are not learning from the errors I think they don't even know what mistakes are being made.

We, the fans, are always asking. Where has the money gone? How many of the millions have we paid to get rid of not just managers, but the coaches that have been involved in the background? And the board still say the only mistakes were Grant and Roeder.

While now may not be the time for a reshuffle, the close season is fast approaching, and with it the time for the board to look in the mirror and ask what are they in it for? The cash or the love of the club?

It seems ideas from the board are few and far between, and not one of them has a real knowledge of football, so is it not time to consider at the very least the appointment of an ex-manager, the likes of Brown, Stringer or Deehan, as a board adviser on all matters football?

Ideas like pulling out of the reserve league might then be thrown out the window. For a club that is built on its youth to lose such a big link between the youth and the first team seems to me to be like taking a slow acting suicide pill.

I would like to finish with a slightly delayed congratulations and commiserations to Ricky Martin and his youth teams for a great run in the FA Youth Cup, only losing by a single goal to the holders and favourites on their own ground, and what a great way to bounce back than to turn over the Town.

So keep up the good work boys and love to see the same when you make the first team.

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