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While the game at Huddersfield had all the hallmarks of early season, with players still feeling their way into their respective systems, the end result was exactly what was needed from a City perspective, and whilst reversing the record run of losses was vital, to do so with a clean sheet was the icing on the cake.

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I hardly think the world needs yet another post-mortem on City’s relegation, so let’s look ahead to next season.

So, just the one game to go. Unfortunately, it’s against probably the most potent attacking force in the Premier League, City’s most creative player is suspended, their best striker can’t buy a goal and they’ve got one fully-fit centre-back. What could possibly go wrong?

During the lockdown I wrote several pieces about how unstable the football pyramid was being shown to be, due to precious little of the huge amounts of money at the top finding its way down.

Recently I decided to sit down and watch some of City’s early-season games, primarily to cheer myself up but also to try to see what has changed.

The only positive of Project Restart from the perspective of Norwich City fans is the fact that the relentless schedule of games means that our suffering will be over relatively quickly.

Regular readers of this column will know that I was considerably less than enthusiastic about the return of the ersatz version of football produced to keep the broadcasting wolves from the door of the Premier League, and Project Restart has so far done nothing to convince me that I was wrong.

Well, we’re going to be getting some “entertainment” in the coming weeks, but to paraphrase Mr Spock: “It’s football, Jim, but not as we know it.”

It seems strange after all this time to be talking about live football again. Since the Premier League ground to a halt just before the weekend of March 14, we have seen a break of eight weeks, which will have extended to 11 by the time that the action restarts, assuming all goes to schedule.

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