So many candidates for Norwich City’s Player of the Season

PUBLISHED: 16:45 28 March 2011

Grant Holt and Wes Hoolahan are two of the favourites to land the Norwich City Player of the Season trophy.

Grant Holt and Wes Hoolahan are two of the favourites to land the Norwich City Player of the Season trophy.

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So, the loan window closed at 5pm on Thursday and we managed to secure two new strikers.

I’ve been reading reports, comments and looked at the YouTube footage of Dani Pacheco.

He looks a special player already and will only get better in the future, especially if he spends some time under the tutelage of Messers Lambert and Culverhouse. He might be able to learn a skill or 2 from Wes too!

The signing of Sam Vokes is also a good piece of business. He’ll take the pressure off of Grant Holt and it also gives Aaron Wilbraham and Chrissy Martin a bit longer to recover from their injuries if they need it.

Andrew Crofts has probably helped get him here as well, with them both being away with Wales, Crofty’s probably got his best sales pitch out and told him what a great place this is to play football.

I noticed this week that player of the season voting has opened. Usually by now I have it clear in my own mind who I’m going to vote for.

This year it could be as accurate as picking the Grand National winner. Get my trusty pin out and see where it lands!

I think in the early part of the season Andrew Crofts would have got my vote and may even still do so. His performances were outstanding and he shows a high level of consistency every time he steps out onto the pitch.

He’s still on my list but there’s also a few other contenders now. John Ruddy, what a season he’s having now after a few early season nerves. Grant Holt, obviously! Wes Hoolahan, he’s just pure class, he’s known as the magician in our house, the things he can do with a football is unbelievable sometimes!

David Fox is another, took a little while to settle in but now look at him, top class performances week after week. Unfortunately for him, he’s picked up an injury but Leon Barnett can’t be forgotten either.

The most improved player from last season has got to be Russell Martin. I was one of those a bit worried that he wouldn’t be able to cut it at Championship level but he’s firmly rammed that down my throat.

It was interesting to hear him say a few weeks ago that he wasn’t very well in the second half of last season and now a fully fit Russell Martin is turning out so many highly consistent performances week in week out and scoring vital goals.

I know I’ve probably left others out. Oh no, I still haven’t made my mind up but will need to make a decision soon!

Good luck with the voting everyone!

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