The lowlights of a terrible season

PUBLISHED: 13:47 02 May 2009 | UPDATED: 16:14 10 September 2010

Tim Allman, Capital Canaries

AS we approach the wake that is Charlton away, where our demotion to League One may well be sealed, I thought it time to reminisce on one of most dreadful seasons I've ever had the misfortune to endure.

AS we approach the wake that is Charlton away, where our demotion to League One may well be sealed, I thought it time to reminisce on one of most dreadful seasons I've ever had the misfortune to endure.

For my sins I will have been unlucky enough to have attended 35 of our 49 games; the highs of which I can count on the finger of one hand. Of the bad days out, there are far too many to mention all at once, but here are my five personal lowlights of the season, in reverse order of course.

The FA Cup loss to Charlton was nearly as depressing as it gets. We lost to a team who had not won in three months, to a goal scored by one of my least favourite players in a morgue like atmosphere. The only consolation was that Roeder was history. One of the Capital Canaries was privy to a comment from the City chairman after the match saying "he's gotta go", but did he let us know the good news? No, he didn't.

Reading - a plastic new ground, built on a rubbish dump, accessible only by bus and these are some of the better qualities about the Madjad. Inexplicably, Roeder had not selected a forward in the starting 11 so we played a 4-6-0 formation on a swamp of a pitch. We missed some early chances, were stuffed by a dubious late penalty, and got soaked in the rain. A truly dreadful day, at a place I don't want to visit again.

The home loss to Derby. I could have easily picked any one of a raft of mediocre home displays, but as I completely lost it after the game on the way to Morrisons, I've picked this fixture. We weren't very good, could have got a point but gave away a dreadful goal to lose 2-1. In the second half, perhaps distracted by thoughts of managing England, Roeder decided to bring on Fotheringham and move Clingan to right back and we surrendered control of the game, and I almost surrendered control of my senses. A couple of weeks later I bumped into Roeder during a ground tour and to my eternal regret I bottled asking why he made that change.

I could have included either of the two Southampton games but I've gone for the away loss. Another half empty plastic ground at which we should have taken the lead, didn't and surrendered meekly. The starting 11 featured one of the most dubious selections I've ever seen a Norwich manager make. OJ Koroma, who had hardly featured at all in the previous few weeks, was mysteriously selected and coincidentally it was the closest away game to his parent club, Portsmouth. That selection summed up everything that was wrong with Roeder's loan player policy.

Losing at Watford wins hands-down as the worst moment of this season. City should have been three up in the first few minutes as Watford resembled a Sunday pub team after a heavy Saturday night. After missing several chances, we gifted Watford two goals and then watched Arturo Lupoli warm up for the whole of the second half. Roeder stood impassively on the sidelines with his arms folded and chose to make a grand total of zero substitutions. Vicarage Road is a horrific place, but to lose that game in the way we did was the stuff of nightmares.

I finally calmed down at 2.30am and fell asleep on the sofa after having had a post match row with Neil Adams on Canary Call.

It was awful.

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