Time to prove we are pride of Anglia

PUBLISHED: 07:00 14 January 2010 | UPDATED: 16:54 10 September 2010

The Man In The Stands

The pessimism has well and truly kicked in. Not in the usual derby day way - The Man repeats, this is not a proper derby - but on Saturday, we are the ones with everything to lose.

The pessimism has well and truly kicked in.

Not in the usual derby day way - The Man repeats, this is not a proper derby - but on Saturday, we are the ones with everything to lose.

You see, The Man has simple hopes for the weekend's sheep chasing.

One, that we don't lose. In the cold light of day, we can't afford to let one of our promotion rivals get within three points and two games in hand. The thought of a League One play-off featuring us, Charlton and Southampton is frightening.

Of course it would be nice to win 8-1, or 7-0, or even 6-0 and make it level on aggregate, but Aidy has put together a tidy side down at Cuckoo land - arguably better than the one Lambo created.

The Man's big plea, however, is to those of us fans set to have Ewes for close comfort.

We've all been there, stuck in the home end at an away ground wistfully longing to be in with the yellow party but, in a way, just glad to be at the game.

Mad Cowling may well have embarked on a ridiculous 'sell seats, think about who to later' policy that somehow seems to have escaped the attention of police or the Football League.

Then there is his vocal course of childish whinging similar to small annoying kid at school who gets bullied, but you don't feel too bad about it because they bring it on themselves.

Despite it being their fault for the ticket mess, if there is an ounce of trouble due to us being in the home stands Mad Cowling will be the first to point the finger our way.

It would probably be worth another points deduction in his world.

So it's up to us to behave, rise above it and prove exactly why we are the pride of Anglia - Essex included - on and off the pitch.

t Thankfully we've been spared the sickening thought of travelling south this weekend without a manager.

To think loyalty was the reason for being so happy Lambo proclaimed he wasn't about to cut and run after the testimonial-inspiring tenure of four months at Carra Rud - to head for the “dream job” of overseeing Burnley's Premier League relegation - is to miss the point.

It was about a talented manager doing a superb job and wanting to carry it on - and admitting what we all know. This club is special.

Some have mentioned it, but for The Man those comparisons of successful seasons past felt real from Friday. That everything is moving in the right direction and the whole stadium is willing it.

Plus, the fact Lambo hasn't jumped ship at the first opportunity is one up for us over Col Who. It won't have done their inferiority complex any good.

t So let The Man get this straight. Lambo's made four signings - all of his signings in all likelihood - within the space of eight days.

No fannying around, no lamenting, no money. For something that is supposed to be so difficult every year, he's made it look easy.

In fact he's made it all look easy.

t The annual declaration we are broke is not really news - but selling Carrow Road would be.

The accounts, season ticket prices, the debt and the ludicrous way we shelled out £2.5m on players we had no hope of owning would be enough to keep The Man going for weeks.

So it's not forgotten - The Man will be back.

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