Top choice for Rocket Man would be ref!

PUBLISHED: 15:19 25 February 2006 | UPDATED: 09:14 14 September 2010

Seven out of nine points in the space of eight days can't be bad, although it would have been a much tougher test for the Canaries in South London today.

Seven out of nine points in the space of eight days can't be bad, although it would have been a much tougher test for the Canaries in South London today.

As welcome as the early arrival of spring sunshine was at Carrow Road last Saturday, it was surpassed by the re-emergence of that much-missed atmosphere, and it must have given the players a lift after the air of gloom and despair lately.

That's not to say that all is well in the garden just yet, merely that the seeds of the success we crave appear to have been sown and are beginning to germinate.

Whether they then go on to blossom in time for the end of this season or ready for a bright beginning to the next one remains to be seen.

One addition to the ground I noticed last weekend was the arrival of yet another rocket launcher in the Barclay Stand/Jarrold Stand corner.

Far from being of the piledriver type witnessed earlier in the season, this one was in the old-fashioned human cannon ball mould, and even reminded me of some of the scud missile launchers or even the giant supergun chutes that adorned the papers some years ago. But just who is it for?

First possible candidate could have been Saturday's referee for missing what looked like a blatant City penalty in the first half, but other than that he didn't have too bad a game compared to some, even though there was quite a lengthy spell when you had to be wearing white to qualify for a free-kick.

Second contender was Derby's Tommy Smith. What was all that WWE wrestling nonsense with Darren Huckerby on the line past the dug-out all about and, more importantly, how on earth did the referee and his City Stand side assistant miss Huckerby being taken out by the very same player off the ball just a couple of minutes later?

Yes, Mr. Smith, I do believe the City faithful would agree that seeing you propelled into the Wensum across the stand roof would have gone down very nicely with a pint and a pie.

The third potential nominee was a friend, who shall remain anonymous, for telling me a joke about two dwarves, which had me in hysterics before kick-off, and that was prior to watching the most stupid triple “Ministry of Silly Warm-Ups” taking place across the halfway line when our esteemed officials decided that, as the Canary dancers weren't on hand to entertain with their fancy footwork and high leg kicks, they would do their best to make amends!

No, it just won't do to be cheerful before the action has started. This is Norwich we are talking about, after all.

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