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PUBLISHED: 14:10 14 January 2006 | UPDATED: 09:07 14 September 2010

Since the end of the Robert Chase era, NCISA has had a positive relationship with Norwich City. That has changed to some extent following our statement concerning the manager's job at Carrow Road.

Since the end of the Robert Chase era, NCISA has had a positive relationship with Norwich City. That has changed to some extent following our statement concerning the manager's job at Carrow Road. We have received lots of feedback - much of it positive, but some of it negative.

It would be pretty poor if we would make critical comments without being able to accept criticism. But there have been one or two digs aimed at us that have been wide of the mark.

My friend Rick Waghorn's column in last week's Pink 'Un was a case in point. The opening (“As we all scratch our heads and wonder what, exactly, went horribly right in the back-to-back victories…”) was compounded with the idea that NCISA somehow has “a presentational headache”.

It seems Rick thinks the association's committee has egg on its face because it called for a change of manager shortly before the team went on a five-game winning run. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Paul McVeigh has been one of the catalysts of the recent turnaround. But does that mean Nigel Worthington is embarrassed? It was he, after all, who put McVeigh on the transfer list last season, only to relent later.

Rick suggested pre-season that the bookies' billing of City as favourites to win the title this season was spot on. But does that mean Rick is embarrassed?

I don't think either the manager or the journalist have egg on their faces - and neither does NCISA.

After the Preston defeat, someone approached a NCISA committee member and said: “I bet those of you who want a change at the top will be pleased with that.”

What a ridiculous thing to say, and what a classic case of putting the cart before the horse. We don't buy season tickets and pump money into the club in the hope that our team will lose.

No true City fan wants to lose just to get the manager out. It is the other way round - there were calls for a change for the very reason that City were already losing games.

NCISA's role is to represent the supporters, and it seemed to a majority of fans (and our members) that Nigel had taken the club as far as he could. I, and most of my colleagues, felt duty-bound to make the public statement.

That he promptly turned things round so decisively and deservedly picked up the manager of the month award is something that must have surprised even the truest of believers.

Nigel deserves nothing but praise for winning his award and respect for his grace in responding to the criticism. Many fans still think the team has gone backwards over the past 18 months, but many more runs like we saw in December and they will surely be persuaded that they were wrong.

What we have always done, and will always seek to do, is be honest and open. We don't and won't resort to jumping on bandwagons at the first sign of trouble. We don't and won't make anonymous comments on website message boards.

I wouldn't be so arrogant as to think the manager takes any notice of what NCISA has to say. But if the “outspoken critics” keep producing reactions like we saw in December - Robert Green has already spoken about the “siege mentality” at Colney - then perhaps we should all do it a little more often!

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